We all want a home that appeals to our sense of style as well as being a comfortable place to spend some time. Interior design doesn’t need a big budget in order to make a room stand out. Often, it is the simplest ideas that make the biggest impression. If you make a few good style choices, then any room can have that lusted-after wow factor. If you are looking for inspiration on styling your living space, then this guide gives you some ideas to make a bold impression.

 Interior Styling Ideas that Make a Bold Impression

Color has a powerful effect on a space. It can make it feel larger or smaller, warm or cool; it creates an ambianceUse a fresh white on ceilings to create an airy feeling of space, but don’t be afraid to experiment with bolder colors on the walls. You could paint one or two walls with a feature color, keeping other walls neutral, for example. Or, you could use colorful fabrics as wall hangings, or have bold fabric furniture, curtains, and accessories.

Lighting creates the mood of a room, especially during the evenings. Warm lighting lends a cozy feeling to living rooms and bedrooms, whereas you might like to go for something a little brighter in kitchens and bathrooms.

 Interior Styling Ideas that Make a Bold Impression

The light fittings you use also make a stylish statement. There are so many designs you can choose from, such as retro wall lights, pendant shades or modern spotlights. If you are looking for inspiration, look no further than The Wall Lighting Company. They specialize in lighting for the home and have a range of designs to truly make a difference to your interior design.

 Interior Styling Ideas that Make a Bold Impression

Having some artwork in your home not only adds interest but looking at something you admire every day can have an uplifting effect on your senses. Art is subjective, and it is difficult to know exactly why something appeals to us, but when you find something that does, having it in your home can make your space feel welcoming.

One tip when choosing art for your home is to make sure it fits well in the space you have. For example, you might really like a giant painting you saw in a shop, yet if you just have a small room to put it in, then it could overpower the space. Choose a different place to display it, or find something else.

Most of us watch TV, watch films using a DVD player, or have stereo equipment, but having those things take up space in our homes doesn’t enhance its look. Thankfully, there are clever ways you can disguise your appliances so that they don’t dominate your room. For example, if you have a wall mounted TV, consider having doors that close over the screen when it is not in use, or having stylish cupboards where you can keep your music player.

 Interior Styling Ideas that Make a Bold Impression

Your living space should be one that is relaxing, yet also one that you enjoy looking at every day. Having a stylish home helps create a good impression to anyone who visits, as well as something that you do for yourself. Anyone can add a little flare, so if you are tired of your living space, try experimenting and find a look you love!