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Are Shoes The Most Essential Fashion Accessory? 5 Reasons Why We Think So

Are Shoes The Most Essential Fashion Accessory? 5 Reasons Why We Think So

If you’re big into fashion, the question might come up in your head, or through conversations, about what the most essential piece of clothing or accessory is? With complete honesty, we believe that shoes are without a doubt the most important piece of clothing. If you look at shoes in a vacuum, this becomes incredibly obvious. We’ll break down our 5 points as to why they are so essential, and beat out everything else, as they simply do so much at the same time, and have an impact on us subconsciously. 

1. They go with anything

First and foremost, from a fashion standpoint, shoes go with just about anything. Unlike other accessories there is never a time you’ll forego shoes, or that they’ll be out of place. No matter the occasion, shoes will be part and parcel. At a wedding? Dress shoes or heels have you covered. Lounging with friends? Loafers or lifestyle sneakers do the trick. Shoes are also the only accessory that work regardless of weather, if it’s cold you wear boots, if it’s warm you wear sandals. The same cannot be said for things like scarves or earrings. Is it normal or common to wear a scarf indoors? More often than not, it’ll make you stick out, or be completely inappropriate for the weather and overheat you. How about earrings, or jewelry in general? While they can more or less be worn in any temperature, they definitely aren’t worn for any occasion. If you’re lounging with friends, is gaudy jewelry normal, or a faux pas? Or when you’re at a diner and want to be low-key, will jewelry help further that look? Not really. Shoes are just so incredibly versatile in that sense.

2. They can be a focal point

Another thing that a lot of accessories fall flat on is the fact that they often aren’t the focal point of an entire outfit. With some exceptions, like certain ties or jewelry, accessories often serve to complement other pieces, not to be the star of the show all on their own. This is not the case for shoes. By all means, shoes such as black and white Air Force 1 can be the main attraction and centerpiece to your outfit. Got a new pair of kicks you really want to shoe off? Having a colour coordinated outfit that highlights them does just that, people will have no choice but to turn their attention to what is on your feet. They can be so in your face in a way other accessories could only hope to be. Other than the previously mentioned accessories, oftentimes a single accessory will just stand out in the wrong way. If something other than a tie or jewelry is attracting more attention than the rest of your outfit, it is probably because it simply clashes or doesn’t belong, like if you wear a beanie with your formal clothing, out of preference or necessity. It is just off putting and really cements how most accessories are destined to play second fiddle no matter what, you can’t build around them the same way you can with shoes.

 Are Shoes The Most Essential Fashion Accessory? 5 Reasons Why We Think So

3. Important for your health

Probably what gets overlooked the most when it comes to fashion is health. Sometimes wearing the wrong thing can have complications on our health, be it uncomfortable clothing or tight jewelry. A good pair of shoes like these Scholl Orthaheel shoes that meet your aesthetic needs also by default help your leg health by promoting good stride, supporting various parts of your foot, and reducing impact from walking. What other accessory makes life easier in this way? Shoes can make a 12 hour shift at work feel like a breeze, but your trendy new glasses cannot.

4. Gives a good first impression

Now comes a bit of the subconscious part we mentioned earlier. A good pair of shoes in one thing, but a well-kept pair of shoes says a lot about someone. How often have you seen someone with a gleaming pair of shoes and immediately noticed? It’s impressive to see someone with top quality shoes being treated so well, and it gives us a good impression about the person themselves. Because they spend the time to clean even their shoes, the things they walk on, they must be very diligent, caring, and hygienic. A tattered bracelet or necklace may go unnoticed, and even a gleaming pair of jewelry might too, but shiny shoes never do. At the same time, if you have shoes in bad condition, you’ll notice that people think badly of you and your current condition. We really value the condition of one’s shoes and it perpetuates a certain perception we have of them, in the same way we do haircuts and basic hygiene. You can get away with other non-pristine accessories, but shoes will stick out like a sore thumb. In relation to your noticeable shoes, consider adding an anklet when you’re in casual wear. Click here to check out amazing designs that will match you.

 Are Shoes The Most Essential Fashion Accessory? 5 Reasons Why We Think So

5. Dual purpose

Tangentially related to health is the fact that shoes serve to do more than just look good or help with benefits of arch support on our feet, but also protect them from harsh environments or accidental harm. Unlike any other accessory, shoes save us a lot of pain and hassle. Your bright pair of earrings don’t really serve any other purpose than to look good, yet shoes can look good as well as prevent you from stubbing your toe, or expose yourself to extreme temperatures. This duality makes it very versatile and unique, and even some staple clothes don’t compare in this regard!

With all that in mind, you can see just why we think shoes are the undisputed number 1 accessory that you should never overlook. They matter from so many stand points: health, perception of others, to even making or breaking an outfit all on their own. They deserve the attention and praise that they get when itemized correctly, and are the most important accessory by far. You can never go wrong with a good pair of shoes.