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Are You Sure Buying Instagram Likes Is Good For Your Brand? Think Again

Are You Sure Buying Instagram Likes Is Good For Your Brand? Think Again

If you’ve started running a brand business on Instagram, you might be mesmerized by the idea of buying likes for your blog and gaining more followers in the least time, right? 

But wait, are you sure you want to take that risk? Now for anyone unfamiliar, the word ‘risk’ here might sound odd, as buying likes and easily fooling the viewers with a strong and highly followed profile doesn’t seem to harm much. However, the reality is completely different. 

For a clearer idea, buying likes to promote your brand might not help you get any further with your business/brand on Instagram, as authentic and real followers/customers are always the essential part of any business to reach its milestones. Yet, you might not understand why this is so important without learning the harms that come with buying likes. 

Considering that, let’s go ahead and discover why you shouldn’t choose the easy option and how you can better promote your brand on Instagram!

Why Brands Buy Instagram Likes?

As mentioned earlier, for any beginner or struggling brand, followers and likes are the most critical part of Instagram. Since the larger the number of likes your brand products would achieve, the more the viewers and real followers would see that your brand is famous and followed/liked by many. 

As a result, more people would want to follow a highly followed and liked brand account on Instagram. 

However, this is only beneficial in the long run if you get organic likes. One of the primary reasons for that is that the likes you buy come from bot accounts. And anyone viewing or researching your brand would be able to differentiate between the real and bot accounts easily. Therefore, if you consider buying Instagram likes, you shouldn’t compromise on anything, neither the price nor quality; buy cheap Instagram likes.

So most brands do consider buying likes to get easy fame and reach in the beginning. But that’s all to it! Finally, this is another website to buy gradual Instagram likes from.

 Are You Sure Buying Instagram Likes Is Good For Your Brand? Think Again

The Harmful After Effects

  • Easy recognition: whether it’s your brand competitor or your real followers (or the future followers), anyone looking into your brand product likes can easily identify the amount of real and bought likes. Now, if someone can find a huge amount of bought likes on your brand, they can easily conclude that your brand isn’t beneficial or effective (since there aren’t many real followers or buyers).

  • Purged account: when you buy plenty of likes for your brand posts, your brand account on Instagram might also be visible as a fake or unreliable account to Instagram. Now, with fake accounts providing fake likes and followers, it’s obvious that Instagram will shut it down permanently. So that might be coming your way any time as a real punishment!

  • No real Business: Since viewers easily catch fake likes, it might be obvious for them to think that you don’t have any real followers for your brand purchasing. This can make your product value fall in front of the real followers too. Moreover, with the huge amount of likes that you purchase for your brand, it wouldn’t help you make real money in any way. So there’s no real business in the quick method!


With all this discussion, if you still think that buying Instagram likes for your brand is a good idea, you need to think twice before deciding. Besides, for any online brand, real-time customers and their purchases are what make it grow eventually. So there’s no point in wasting your money buying those useless likes.