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Art Loft Chai Wan by Mass Operations

Jonathan Maloney

Design studio Mass Operations recently completed the industrial conversion of this this loft in one of the most densely populate areas in the world, Hong Kong. The owner of the Chai Wan Loft is an art collector; as such his wish was to be able to display his art and book collection while also being able to entertain guests, in a spacious and comfortable setting, with views of the city.


A pragmatic layout plan uses a concrete dividing wall to separate the living and sleeping areas, the wall is left short of the ceiling allowing for ventilation and light to be shared between the spaces while maintaining privacy.


Opening and closing elements are used to hide and reveal spaces. The catering kitchen can be opened or closed by large sliding partitions that double as blackboards creating a dynamic public living area, while the bedroom uses a curtain to hide and reveal the wardrobe, drastically changing the character of the space from bedroom, to walk in closet without sacrificing space for either.


A general approach of “industrial roughness” and adhoc strategies are used to maintain the quality of the –converted- space; scraped beams and columns reveal the structural concrete, exposed piping and machinery show the sense of urgency and perhaps temporality of the occupation of the space.

 art-loft-chai-wan-by-mass-operations-hong-kong-4art-loft-chai-wan-by-mass-operations-hong-kong-6 art-loft-chai-wan-by-mass-operations-hong-kong-7 art-loft-chai-wan-by-mass-operations-hong-kong-8 art-loft-chai-wan-by-mass-operations-hong-kong-9 art-loft-chai-wan-by-mass-operations-hong-kong-10 art-loft-chai-wan-by-mass-operations-hong-kong-11 art-loft-chai-wan-by-mass-operations-hong-kong-12 art-loft-chai-wan-by-mass-operations-hong-kong-13

all images © Jonathan Maloney