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Art Text: Text Effects and Typography App for Mac

Art Text: Text Effects and Typography App for Mac

If you see a website or any document with beautifully designed headlines, you would certainly want to check how such graphics have been achieved. For those who would like to make others envy their gorgeous layouts on Mac and create masterpieces without complicated learning curves, Art Text is likely to become a once in a lifetime opportunity.

When it comes to creating 3D text, this solution for Mac users is definitely second to none. With more than four hundred text design templates that are fully customizable, even the first-time user will be able to succeed.

 Art Text: Text Effects and Typography App for Mac

Art Text 4 can boast of possessing a special engine to transform any text and font into 3D. Advanced text shaping tools like bending and text wrapping that you usually apply to 2D text, are at your disposal when working with 3D typography.

The software I review today is equipped with a rich assortment of surface materials and text styles. If your purpose is to complement the company’s branding and make it more attention-grabbing, adjust the program presets by adding shadows and light accents. Chocolate, doughnut, nuts, wood, bubbles, grass, water drops — that is not just the list of random words, but possible effects to implement into a desirable text style on a Mac.

With the help of the Depth Gradient tool, users can tune the color of the 3D model. The effect of transition is available as well, so it is not a challenge to create vintage and retro typography layouts with the rainbow color flow.



If you want to make 3D text look more like a real object, add surface texture to it using Bump Map masks supplied by Art Text. There is no need to create a design or text effect from scratch if there is a lack-of-time issue. All the templates and presets offered by the app are adjustable and sensible to users’ commands. For instance, Reflection Masks will work for enthusiasts, creating grunge, metal, and rust 3D typography on a Mac.

The power of 3D text effects isn’t everything that Art Text is capable of. The app offers a wide range of 2D text effects and templates. Among the most noticeable 2D features is Distortion Effect that enables Mac users to level up their typography experience. That is a perfect chance to create typeface options that are far beyond traditional and standard fonts. With this feature the following possible solutions are available to you: make random holes in letters, create rounded corners, tear character edges, add noise effect, and many more.

Spray Fill is another feature that is worth giving a try. What it does is laying out letters with various materials like Lego pieces, clouds, balls of different colors, etc. to make a unique mask. The number of available textures is literally unlimited since you are welcome to import your own illustrations or images. Feel free to experiment with this ability to create well-structured samples.

Art Text is created to simplify typography and lettering for Mac users and open new horizons for text effect design. It is as simple as ABC to implement your ideas or follow current trends — the library of fonts, styles, and features is regularly updated. Just visit the official page for more information and get access to a free trial.