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Artificial Intelligence: Real Examples of AI Applications in Design

Artificial Intelligence: Real Examples of AI Applications in Design

For most of modern history, Artificial Intelligence has been something left for science fiction stories. But things have changed. AI has been advancing at a rapid pace for several years now. You would be surprised about some of its current uses. And AI will be a huge part of technology in the future, as it is already making an impact. 

Sometimes you may not even know that some services use artificial intelligence. Many companies have come up with some unique implementations. It isn’t all about the machines becoming sentient and taking over the world. There are some real-world applications for it already, even in design, and it can be pretty fascinating. As technology improves, more and more companies will take advantage of its uses.

Unparalleled Efficiency

One of the most considerable negatives in anything people do is the probability of human error. It is an inescapable fact of being a human being. But technology is helping to alleviate some of this concern. You can use artificial intelligence in many design functions. It makes things much easier and faster for developers and designers.

While this technology has not replaced the need for professional designers, it aids them in their work and drives up efficiency. With artificial intelligence powering a lot of the tools these designers use, they will not have to do many parts of the process manually. It will eliminate human error and also let designers focus on other parts of a project.

The Grid

Content marketing and blogging are a huge deal nowadays. There are services to help you build a website everywhere you look these days. It can be for eCommerce, blogging, or any other application. In the last five years, the way these websites are handled has drastically changed. It started in 2015 with a website called “The Grid.”  They were the first company to begin offering custom AI-designed websites in minutes.

Since then, many other design firms have followed suit. Some of the biggest names on the market, such as Wix, Jimdo, and Squarespace, have too. You can upload your pertinent data on any of these services and have artificial intelligence build you a website from the ground up.

 Artificial Intelligence: Real Examples of AI Applications in Design

Adobe Sensei and Scene Stitch

Another popular AI powered-system comes from Adobe, a company that almost everyone should recognize. While the Sensei system does not do the designing itself, it uses AI and machine learning to guide designers during the process. It will offer advice on the most efficient ways to do certain design aspects, thus saving time and money.

They also have an interesting AI-powered editing tool. It can automate some tasks that usually would need a keen eye at all times. It can use its programming to look at all different patterns in images and use them to base its editing. It means you can have some image-editing features automated and free up designers for other tasks.

Keep Security in Mind

Artificial intelligence comes with many great benefits. But when using AI, you must always keep your mind on your privacy and security. AI comes hand in hand with data mining and tracking, as it needs information to work correctly. That is why most large corporations are always trying to gather more personal data on their clients. It is vital to limit anything that makes you uncomfortable. 

You can start by getting a VPN free trial to see the advantages of private browsing without decreasing your internet speed. VPN services encrypt your incoming and outgoing data as well as hide your real IP address every time you go online (you can read more about it here). You never know who can be snooping on your browsing, so it is best to keep it as secure as you can.

Real-World Solutions

Artificial intelligence has come a long way in the last decade, and expectations are that it is going to become very important in the future. It’s time to understand some of the broader applications for this technology, as it isn’t only for far-fetched tales anymore. AI is going to bring a lot of benefits and efficiency in the years to come.