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Atelier YokYok and Ulysse Lacoste built Paper Dome in Beirut

Atelier YokYok

As part of Art in Motion exhibition in Beirut, french firm Atelier YokYok and sculptor Ulysse Lacoste have teamed up with art and architecture students from Beirut to create the Paper dome.  The architectural object is made from layered sheets of newspaper, symbol of day-to-day and life of Beirut. Both fragile and meaningful, the paper is tiled to turn into shelter a wooden 10m diameter structure. The Paper Dome is lifted up and is based on one point, allowing visitors to step inside and explore the installation, enjoying the experience of space, calm and shadows provided by the Dome.

Art in Motion is a non-profit organisation, committed to establish a cultural dialogue through art in public space. Its interventions’ aim is to promote all forms of artistic expression, while establishing exchanges with international art scenes to encourage meetings with the public and make art accessible to all.

Check out the making of video below.

 atelier-yokyok-ulysse-lacoste-paper-dome-beirut-2 atelier-yokyok-ulysse-lacoste-paper-dome-beirut-3 atelier-yokyok-ulysse-lacoste-paper-dome-beirut-4 atelier-yokyok-ulysse-lacoste-paper-dome-beirut-5 atelier-yokyok-ulysse-lacoste-paper-dome-beirut-6 atelier-yokyok-ulysse-lacoste-paper-dome-beirut-7

all images and video courtesy of Atelier YokYok