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Awesome Office Design Software

With the growth of my small business, the need for a professional and convenient office has appeared. I am accustomed to challenging myself, so it was a natural thing for me to check how far I could come on my own without any third-party services. To tell the truth, the hardest task was not to create an office layout itself but cope with preparation-period hassles without losses.

Luckily, I was recommended to give a try to Live Home 3D. Here is a little spoiler — I have never regretted my decision to stick to that advice. But first things first.

My initial point was to find out which office layout would suit my needs and objectives completely. The half partition layouts and cubicles allow keeping the airflow fresh and maintaining the great individual performance of each employee, but they lack opportunities for more profound and smooth teamwork, which is provided by co-working and team-cluster layouts. As a result, the idea of a hybrid office turned out to be the right shot. Taking into account private and open offices are necessary for particular goals, I chose to satisfy both.

The next step of my project was just to implement it with the help of professional software. Because of my lack of experience and knowledge, I was worried if Live Home 3D would be intuitive in use and operation. It didn’t take me ages to master this program, and its essential tools were of great value.

 Awesome Office Design Software

Office Design Software

What I like about this solution are its compatibility and professional touch. Unfortunately, it is far from a rare occasion when a design program includes unnecessary features. That’s not the case: Live Home 3D  is available to maintain projects on different platforms, including Windows 10, macOS, and iOS.

Ready-Made Templates

For me as a newcomer, it was essential not to dive into architecture norms and standards and get the challenge simplified. The app’s templates are a solid basis for renovation and planning projects. Such pre-designed samples will work as tutors as to what is worth or not included in your layout. I think the fact it is a wonderful source of inspiration is obvious, isn’t it?

All-in-One Software

The application under consideration enables customers to work with floor plans and customize them whenever requested. By adding color markings and annotations, you can briefly add important notes and recommendations not to miss in the further project stages. What is more, Live Home 3D isn’t just about designing walls and doors: it allows implementing furniture, light sources, specific equipment, etc.

 Awesome Office Design Software

Switch Between 2D and 3D

For better visualization of the results, the program offers consumers to switch between the 2D to 3D view modes. Walking inside your 3D project presents a realistic experience to check whether there would be enough space for all the planned facilities, how comfortable the distance between different objects is, and more.

Working with the Results

On the one hand, Live Home 3D supports export to a wide range of formats, so it is as simple as ABC to choose a corresponding one. On the other hand, I appreciate the opportunity to export 3D models in the form of videos and spread them on Facebook and YouTube. Each time I use this application, I see it is being modified and updated for the better.