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Balwyn House by Fiona Lynch

Sharyn Cairns

Balwyn House is one of the latest residential project conceived by Melbourne-based Fiona Lynch Interior Design Office. Designed for a builder and his young family, the house is located in a beautiful oak tree lined street in a suburb of Melbourne. A minimal approach to materials has created an interior which is reflective and relaxing in feel. Concrete, timber and stone are the main materials in this project. Aged brass and grey stained oak cabinetry compliments the minimal approach to materials. Furniture and lighting selection from various suppliers completes the interior creating a sophisticated and understated interior.

 balwyn-house-by-fiona-lynch-interior-design-office-melbourne-2 balwyn-house-by-fiona-lynch-interior-design-office-melbourne-3 balwyn-house-by-fiona-lynch-interior-design-office-melbourne-4 balwyn-house-by-fiona-lynch-interior-design-office-melbourne-5 balwyn-house-by-fiona-lynch-interior-design-office-melbourne-6 balwyn-house-by-fiona-lynch-interior-design-office-melbourne-7 balwyn-house-by-fiona-lynch-interior-design-office-melbourne-8 balwyn-house-by-fiona-lynch-interior-design-office-melbourne-9 balwyn-house-by-fiona-lynch-interior-design-office-melbourne-10 balwyn-house-by-fiona-lynch-interior-design-office-melbourne-11

all images © Sharyn Cairns