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Basic Guide and Brilliant Ways To Liven Up Your Basement

Basic Guide and Brilliant Ways To Liven Up Your Basement

Basements are known to be creepy. In contrast, they are an excellent addition in a home though most of the time people don’t know how to make the most of that space. If you have an unfinished or dark basement and may want to use it for entertainment or as a productive area, you may want to improve it first. If you feel this way, then we have some tips to help you liven up your basement.

How to Prepare the Basement

Let’s start this off by discussing different ways you can prepare your basement. First is to make sure that the area is safe and more comfortable. This way, you can avoid weather-related problems while also making your basement an enjoyable space.


Basements tend to get leaks that could damage your belongings and pose some serious hazards if any electricity makes contact with the water. You can waterproof your basement as you look for pipes or other areas that will leak. You can also add seals to prevent leaks from happening if you tend to get floods in your basement.


You will also need to find ways to insulate the heat in your basement. You can install insulation to better contain the heat and you can even put a heater into your basement. Just remember that basements get cold easily, so you will want to find ways to heat it up and keep it warm as needed.

Install a Dehumidifier

Depending on the area you live in, your basement may get humid. This could make your basement uncomfortable and unbearable to be in, so a dehumidifier could help you out. That way, you can improve the air quality in your basement and make it more comfortable to be there for hours at a time. It’s tough to find a true energy star dehumidifier that can meet your expectation. No worries, Leslie Phillips’ is here to help! Check out her list and tips for the leading dehumidifiers now in the market.

 Basic Guide and Brilliant Ways To Liven Up Your Basement

Storage Ideas for Your Basement

Having a basement is nice because you can use it as an additional storage. Here are storage ideas to maximize the space available.

Wall Storage

You have multiple options when it comes to wall storage in your basement. For example, you could install shelves on the walls to make it easier for you to display different pieces and to store other belongings you don’t need to use at the time.

Hooks and Slatwalls

Some items need to be hung on the walls. This includes gardening tools and similar long objects that you can’t just leave on the ground. Hooks and slatwalls work well because they allow you to hang different objects while maximizing the space in your basement.

Overhead Storage

Many people forget to use the ceiling effectively, so you should consider your overhead storage options. This type of storage will allow you to create space so you can store seasonal belongings or anything you don’t need immediate access to.

 Basic Guide and Brilliant Ways To Liven Up Your Basement

Basement Decor

You will want to make your basement look nice as well. Due to this, we have a few key concepts you should keep in mind so your basement can look lively and beautiful. This will include using furniture, lighting and colors effectively.

Accents and Furniture

A basement can be boring and bland when it comes to design, so you should pick out some accents and furniture to liven it up. For example, you could add some soft couches and stylized dressers to make the basement feel more like a home. Just make sure you pick out furniture and accents that appeal to you.


Basements can easily get dark if you don’t provide the proper lighting in them. For example, you could install lights into the ceiling or you could put up some lamps in the basement. Add some lights so the basement won’t get too dark and so you can make it feel inviting and comfortable for people that go in it.

Light Wall Color

You can paint your basement with whatever colors you want, but you should consider picking lighter colors. Since basements are often secluded and darker than other areas of the house, it wouldn’t hurt to add lighter colors to the room. You should look into white, light-gray, tan, light blue and similar shades of colors for your basement.

If you need some help with livening up your basement, then you should try out some of these tips. Doing so will allow you to create a lovely basement that people will enjoy using for various activities. Spend some time looking through these brilliant ideas to find the best ones that will help you the most.