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Beauty Influencers: How to Impress and Earn

Beauty Influencers: How to Impress and Earn

Ron Lach from Pexels

The top names in the beauty industry earn big bucks thanks to YouTube, Instagram, and Tiktok, but the good news is the appetite for new ideas, and fresh content is ferocious, which means anyone can become a star; all you need is a new spin on an old concept.

If you follow these professional suggestions, your dream of being a beauty influencer can become a reality. We are starting with the all-important must-have, knowledge.


The first rule of any business is knowing what you’re talking about, and learning your trade is key. It doesn’t matter how super savvy you are or original your concept is; if you haven’t mastered the background knowledge of your look or the tricks of your trade, you will look like an amateur, and people will turn off.

The buying public must know that you believe in what you’re talking about. If your concept is false eyelash art like Huda Kattan, find out how to apply the lashes professionally. 

Get your foundations right, and you can vlog to your heart’s content. Talking about Huda, one of the top beauty influencers of all time, did you know she is worth $610 Million? If you want to get on that glittering gravy train, do your groundwork first.

 Beauty Influencers: How to Impress and Earn

Research Like It’s Going Outta Fashion

If you’re crazy about beauty and makeup, you’ve probably already watched every tutorial and TikTok clip out there. No matter how many hours you’ve spent doing your research, spending a little more time researching other areas of interest can inspire great things.
New ideas and fresh product insights can be a game-changer. Chebe powder benefits, how to style or take care of your curly hair can be a good start.

What do I mean? Well, if you love beauty, have you looked through the archives at Vogue? 

Some of the most incredible looks of all time were created pre-internet and likely some well before you were born. So don’t be narrow-minded. Check out the back copies of your favourite magazines online.

Here are some suggestions of publications that you may not have thought of that could spark your creativity.

  • ID Magazine 
  • The Face
  • Metal 

Work Out Your Style

With over a billion users on Instagram, you’ll need to stand out to get noticed. Not all of those users are interested in beauty, but exhibiting your personality can help you stand out from the crowd, particularly when attracting marketers’ attention.

Consider what makes you ‘you. ‘ Perhaps you have a distinctive appearance, a unique makeup application technique, or an interest in a specific makeup and beauty style. Whatever it is, do it by ensuring the concept sets you apart, emphasising it, and making it your USP. 

Your USP stands for ‘unique selling proposition.’ Being unique is how your favourite businesses will find you and want to collaborate with you as a beauty influencer.

So you’ve done your research, and you have discovered your USP, and now it’s time for action. The first thing to do is join the right beauty influencer community.

 Beauty Influencers: How to Impress and Earn

Join the Right Beauty Influencer Communities

There are numerous methods for beauty influencers to collaborate with businesses through a community. You can apply to partner with brands through an agency, or a brand may contact you directly – you know your tribe, and there will be a community out there looking for you.

If you get your USP right and your face fits, brands planning campaigns trawl social media platforms to find the right influencer, and once they have found you, they will work with you to develop content.

The best news is you don’t have to have thousands of followers to be a success. Lots of brands prefer influencers who use the hashtag #influencerunder10k.

Now you know how to be an influencer, here are a few ideas of what content to create. check out the following for examples of the types of posts that beauty influencers typically make for brands:

  • Featuring branded items in unboxing videos
  • A straight product review
  • Demonstration of a product’s functionality
  • Giveaway with a sponsor
  • The live material, such as a Q&A session with your followers

Even with all of the willpower in the virtual world, becoming a top-tier beauty influencer isn’t simple, but if you stick to what you know and what brings you joy, add some luck, and who knows, you might be the next great thing.