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Become the Best on the Market with Magento Advanced Reports

Become the Best on the Market with Magento Advanced Reports

If you want to create a successful online shop and earn as much money as possible, you have to be an expert in this niche. Knowing the most sophisticated nuances and all the working principles of a business like this is vital to become popular and get profit. One of the important elements is analytics because it provides you with information that shows you the right direction to develop. However, it can be rather complicated when you don’t even know where to begin. 

But not with Magento! To be more specific, with a great add-on for this awesome tool. You don’t need to spend years studying to figure out how everything works; just install this module and you will access the most complete analytics in a few minutes. This will ensure you the best productivity of your enterprise, which means you can always stay at the top.  


Anyway, it’s much better to see all the advantages on your own at least once than talk about it all day long. That’s why we want to briefly highlight the possibilities of this add-on. This will give you an opportunity to think over and make a decision. So what features can you expect? 

Enhanced Dashboard

This extension lets you personalize the dashboard to discover the most comfortable way to keep track of the details that matter to you right now. The advanced dashboard, in contrast to the conventional one, offers additional important information. To maximize efficiency, you can alter, replace, add, and delete any widget you wish. This saves a significant amount of time, which is quite valuable when it comes to revenue. Another cool feature is that you may share the dashboard without granting admin access. Simply provide the visitor a direct URL to a dashboard so they can see whatever you want to show them.


The add-on also provides users with the possibility to choose how they will present the necessary details, which gives you the best experience possible. Various charts, as well as the histogram, are available possibilities for you. You can use columns that do a great help in terms of visualizing categories. Additionally, you have the option of assigning statuses to any transactions, which allows you to keep everything in order.

 Become the Best on the Market with Magento Advanced Reports

Geographic Reports

With geodata reports, you can learn more about your clients. Which regions are the most profitable? What areas have fewer sales? To explore various regions, use the special map. Here, it’s even possible to zoom in to observe what’s going on in smaller areas, which is fantastic because we frequently overlook them. Simply point your cursor at a city or an entire region to see the information you’re looking for. This interactive map with rich information makes it simple to stay up to know about the newest developments.

The Magento «add column» advanced reports feature

Even while the number of standard columns is sufficient for work, the ability to add new columns is far more superior. You’ll also be pleased to learn that generated columns can calculate functions out of a number of other columns. Use XML config to construct a column. You can choose either Custom Gross Profit or Relation column.

20 Reports

Except for 20 preset reports that are already included here, the module also includes a special tool, which allows you to construct completely new reports and gather more information. This provides you with an opportunity to obtain a comprehensive picture of your matters, which is essential for organizing and optimizing your enterprise. You may see an overview of the most crucial aspects of your shop, filter sales as you wish, and so on. The full list of possible reports is pretty long and it’s enough to get to know anything you want. 

Report Builder

This tool, as previously stated, allows you to build your own reports. Making a copy of one of the 20 reports and editing it as needed is a straightforward approach to accomplish a brand new report that meets all your needs. You can use any available data, apply internal filters, and eliminate unnecessary data. Magento’s functionality becomes much more flexible as a result of this.

Let’s take a look at some examples of custom reports to make you familiar with this feature more closely:

  • Sales: SKU and order number. This report aggregates sales by two dimensions, making it simple to keep track of your inventory. To view how many orders include a specific identifier, sort the list by SKU. To find the most popular items and their number in each order, sort the list by the total number of the ordered items.

 a screenshot of the dashboard

  • Sales: date and consumer group. This report is based on the same principles as the previous one. It allows you to view detailed information about who buys the most, according to a certain period of time (day, month, year). You can also see the amount of money you’ve earned and the total number of ordered goods of all customer groups. To make the report even more detailed, add the SKU and get to know what exactly people buy from you.
  • Total cost. Use the add-on to learn how much are goods you sold over a specified period. To group products, you can choose any attribute you want. This is extremely convenient if you want to point out the most successful periods or items. 

 a screenshot of the dashboard

  • Out of products. Keep in touch with the number of your goods. This is vital to resupply products in time to not lose your clients. View this report to be aware of what and when to resupply.

Multi-dimensional Grouping

You can now group information according to preferred parameters thanks to the ability to add dimensions to tables. This function streamlines the entire operation procedure, allowing you to devote your time and efforts to something more important.

Mobile use

You can use your smartphone to access reports, which is a great benefit. This is a must-have feature for individuals who are constantly on the move. Dashboards have QR codes that may be scanned with your smartphone camera to gain access. This means you won’t miss any critical changes because you’ll be able to see what you need no matter where you are.


Regarding the cost of this module, customers have two options that depend on the version. The Community edition is much cheaper than the Enterprise one. However, the pricing appears to be quite reasonable for such an excellent expansion. You also get 90 days of free customer service, a 30-day money-back guarantee, which is a huge advantage compared to many other competitors. If you want, you can choose a free installation. All updates are also free of charge.  Note the compatibility before purchasing. 


Q: Should I buy extensions or is the default functionality enough?
A: 100% you should not be a scrooge but invest in your future. A lot of people have already tried this plugin and they are glad to share their feedback with other users. What comes to our today’s extension, it’s also rated pretty well by many specialists. 

Q: Is there any demo or a trial version of the product?
A: You can watch a small tutorial that shows you how to use this extension. The Backend demo and the Mobile Dashboard are the two options available to you. This provides you with a comprehensive view of the product.

Q: Why should I choose Mirasvit?

A: Actually, the best answer is the product itself, and you will understand it if you try. But if we are talking about the strengths of this developer, then we want to point out the following criteria: superior support, money-back guarantee, simple and intuitive interface, and constant updates. This is what makes Mirasvit a great competitor to choose from.

Q:  How to start?
A: Create your own personalized dashboard to experience how easy this addon is to use. To do so, go to Magento’s main menu and click the dashboard tab’s advanced dashboard option. Advanced reports can be found in the main menu.


What’s about the advanced reports Magento 2 extension we have overviewed today? It’s without a doubt one of the coolest extensions available. It’s both simple and effective. The quantity of options is impressive, and the level of customization is incredible. It’s a lot of joy to utilize these extensions because you may customize them to fit your exact needs. If you want to build your business, you need to understand everything regarding sales, customers, your product, and everything else. This plugin is a tool that will provide you with this information in the format you desire, with no hassles or inconveniences.