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Bed Design Trends 2021 to Leave You, Speech Less

Bed Design Trends 2021 to Leave You, Speech Less

When we spoke to a trend specialist to find out what bedroom trends will be big this year and beyond, we discovered that although the classics will remain the same, like quality bedding, great accent lighting, and convenient clothes storage. For the year 2021, there are some great new looks and bedroom ideas to play around with.

In the past, neutral tones have been fashionable. In 2021 we are now seeing a big move away from minimalist interior schemes with clients making more dramatic design choices. From placing daring wallpapers and creative finishes such as polished plaster through to placing bold and colorful bed linen on their beds. The truth is, clients now want to infuse more of their personality into their home interior and the same shift now applies in the bedroom.

The Headboard

Headboards have made a comeback and have become popular again. Clients are going for large shapes in bright colors and patterned fabrics being the leading preference. It all boils down to developing a focal point and making a deliberate statement. And with this being the main intention, upholstered headboards are really in vogue. Allowing you to express your personality while being practical and comfortable all at once. Speaking of comfort, if you’re looking to sleep comfortably you should also try the best memory foam topper here.

More and more clients are buying taller headboards, with curved silhouettes pairing them with deep intricate pillow designs that have colors to “ground” their interior scheme. This design style proves that bold tones can be “restful at muted shades.” Crucial colors include rich reds, oranges, mustards yellows as well as bold greens and blues which continue to be popular if you want a timeless, classic scheme.

 Bed Design Trends 2021 to Leave You, Speech Less

Nature-inspired prints

Nature-inspired prints are also very much in vogue, these prints are inspired by florals and foliage to draw in outdoor elements inside your bedroom. The move towards personalization when it comes to design is really in. You now find uniquely fitted bedsides with connected power sockets and wireless charging facilities as well as storage to put away basic needs that are easily accessible.

By inculcating natural elements into our bedrooms, inhabitants are given a sense of being one with nature. Colours like opulent olives and sage greens used together with wicker materials and toned walls are also instrumental to creating a calm surrounding/Environment. 

This year the modern homeowner also prefers wooden floors. Adding new wooden flooring can increase the value of your house by up to £7,255 thus helping you highlight the contemporary aesthetic of your bedroom.

The Bed

This year the bed is a big feature in the bedroom, it now dominates. It needs to be the first piece of furniture you see when you come into your room. If you place more than one bed in a room they’ll automatically start competing for attention. That said it’s important to ensure the dominant bed is captivating so that it’s pleasing to the eye.

Covering it with vibrant colors, dynamic patterns, and interesting shapes will surely demonstrate that your master bedroom belongs to the king and queen of the house.

Tall statement beds with tufted or fluting details are a big trend in 2021. So if you want to achieve a decorative and comfortable finish go for these ideas because recreating the popular hotel feel at home is on-trend this year. What’s more striking is rich velvet which makes a great feature, these designs show luxury and glamor while paying homage to the intricate details of the Art Deco era.

 Bed Design Trends 2021 to Leave You, Speech Less

Closing Thoughts

When it comes to buying your headboard and bed this year, you should really take your budget as a long-term investment. Also looking at getting a bigger room as the size of your room will impact the level of freedom you can have to transform it.

Don’t feel left behind at the rise of boutique hotels and their trending look in residential design. The headboard for example has become a statement piece when it comes to bedroom decoration. If you look at the Farmdale hotels for inspiration you won’t go wrong, when deciding on a brave color and pattern. You’ll have a lot of fun coordinating your headboard with wallpaper or throw. Don’t be shy to choose a more outlandish style, as this only brings out more of your character traits.

View the bed and headboard as your canvas and the other decorative pieces as your paintbrush, that way you can never go wrong in letting your creative juices flow and allowing your personality to come through in your lived in space because a happier and modern environment equals a happier and more elegant you!