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Beeftro restaurant by Humbert & Poyet, Luxembourg

Humbert & Poyet

With the aim to provide a new way to enjoy meat in a space reflecting the concept of modern luxury, Monaco-based Humbert & Poyet agency recently designed the Beeftro restaurant in Luxembourg. Beeftro is essentially a mixture of raw material and industrial esthetics.

The balance between the marble tables, leather, mosaic flooring, concrete, exposed piping and the earthenware crokery has been chosen to portray a luxury experience in a chic and casual atmosphere. With its soft lighting & contrasts of shades, Beeftro remains timeless.


The menu offers a variation of Black Angus beef cuts in from the United States, burgers, a multitude of starters and a Kobe bar presented as small portions “to share”. It is not in this paradise that those with a carnivous pallet come to eat a large steak, but to spend time with friends and family or for a business meal.

The warm and uninhibited bistros are thus transcribed through a casual service, rough and industrial decor and the art of mis-matched tables. The aim of Beeftro is to educate the consumer by showing that it is not only well known steak cuts that are the best. Beeftros aim is to create something different, to bring a new interpretation of meat and street food.

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all images courtesy of Humbert & Poyet