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Before You Splurge on a Luxury Home, Check out The Must-Haves  

Before You Splurge on a Luxury Home, Check out The Must-Haves  

If you’re on your way to buying your first luxury property, whether through your real estate agent or through supreme auctions, then you’re probably already prepared to go all out. You might want it all — an infinity pool that overlooks the ocean, a sprawling garden with fountains strategically placed, a private bathroom for every guest, and a foyer that will shock and awe anyone who enters through your home’s doors. And on perhaps a smaller scale, you can have it all.  

While you probably have a list of things you do and don’t want in your luxury property, you don’t want to get overwhelmed with the details. It will be difficult for you to find a property that has everything on your list, but it isn’t impossible. What you need to do more than anything, however, is to make a list of the things you absolutely must-have in your luxury home. And if you’re able, spare no extravagance.  

Once you have that list compiled, it will be easier to find the properties that have these specific details and layouts that you are looking for, and it will make it easier for you to envision how you want to design the home as well as how well it would fit into you and your family’s needs. You can have your cake and eat it, too. Time to start living in luxury! Here are your luxury home must-haves.  

Immediate Luxury: The Open Floor Plan  

An open floor plan is one of the most luxurious, expansive aspects of an opulent home. It’s also the number one aspect that luxury homeowners are looking for. You want your magnificent pad to be stunning and airy from room to room.  

As we mentioned, you’re going to want even to shock yourself the first time you walk in. A stunning entryway could be designed in a number of ways. If it extends to an open-layout, then you, your family, and your guests will be able to see the extent of your homes’ beauty from several angles.  

Depending on your Feng-Shui needs, as well as how open you want your foyer to be spatial, you should decide what’s best for the entry into your new and gorgeous pad. You could implement a grand staircase, a grand hallway with rugs, vases, and mirrors lining the path. You could make the entryway the eyes of your home – the first thing people notice. But if you want it to be a stunner, keep it open.  

 Before You Splurge on a Luxury Home, Check out The Must-Haves  

Your New Home’s Technology  

One of the ultimate benefits of buying homes built in the last decade, better known as new construction, is the technology that has been updated within them. With technology advancing and developing at an astounding rate in all markets, luxury homes can implement the best technological developments in the home market. Builders are getting even more innovative in their approaches. Now, your luxury home can come with all the technological fixings.  

Get ready for technology that makes everything you need to do in your home easier and safer. Especially when you’re buying a luxury vacation home – a home in which you won’t stay in year-round – your home security should be top-notch. With some of these technological advances, you can lock your home from afar, check security cameras, and to stay environmentally conscious – control the lights and climate.  

Whether it’s your kitchen, your bathroom, or your bedroom, better technology installed can make everything easier.  

The Kitchen is the Heart of the Home 

The kitchen is where you get so much pleasure. Having an updated kitchen that allows you to cook meals for big occasions, and have restaurant-grade capabilities, will make the chef in you sing. In a luxury home, you can ensure that you have appliances with upgraded capabilities as well as a few extras that can turn a family meal into a gourmet experience.  

For extra upgrades, you can try installing a walk-in pantry, a wine cellar, warming drawers, a fridge with all the technological abilities you can imagine, complete with all the best fixtures and upgrades money can buy.  

 Before You Splurge on a Luxury Home, Check out The Must-Haves  

Enjoying the Outdoors and All the Amenities They Offer 

If your luxury home is one that is situated in an environment conducive to enjoying the outdoors (and it should be!) then why not add amenities that will make enjoying your backyard all the more pleasurable? Not only do you probably want a ton of outdoor space with a view, but why not have amenities that can make your outdoor space all the more functional and enjoyable?  

Some of these popular amenities include the aforementioned pool (which we think no home is complete without) as well as outdoor kitchens, barns, a deck if your home happens to have a lakefront or oceanfront view, and anything else your nature-appreciating heart would desire. Your home can be just as decked out on the outside as it is on the inside.  

And don’t be afraid to be innovative in the design of these aspects. As long as you have a designer and builder with experience behind you, then you can have a luxury outdoor space that is unique, well-designed, and jaw-dropping. If you’re more of the athletic type, you could also consider building a tennis or basketball court for all to enjoy.  

Game and Theater Areas  

If you’re a competitive bunch or like to enjoy a Sunday movie night weekly, then having a media room or game room is a great way to entertain and relax with family and friends. This a part of a luxury home that we don’t see too often, and it’s definitely catered to a certain type of homeowner.  

If you want a game room, you can design it on-theme and add a ton of amenities that will allow you to host large as well as low-key game nights. Want a professional sized poker table? Pool tables? Indoor badminton courts? These things could be a reality (but preferably just choose one or a couple at most, depending on what you have to spend).  

Real Estate Agent and Expert Opinion

Before buying that luxury home you have always wanted, remember it is a hefty budget. Unfortunately, this means you don’t have a chance to correct errors and mistakes made during the purchase. Therefore, as a house buyer, there are chances that you will need the advice of an expert. Expert opinion and advice can be found through real estate agents who are more experienced in the value and details about these houses such as http://www.patleavy.com/bay-harbor.php. Expert opinion when purchasing a luxury home is particularly important because it will protect you from getting ripped off.

Furthermore, they are able to pay attention to details that you would have otherwise overlooked. The real estate agents will also help you identify what you are looking for faster than you would if you decide to look for it on your own. Finally, it is important to note that although real estate comes with extra charges, they have better negotiation skills than you in the market. Therefore, I would suggest you get the help of a real estate agent or at least get an expert opinion before making a purchase of the property or luxury home.