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Benefits Of Automatic Doors In Public Places

V&A Cromwell Road Entrance redesigned by Sam Jacob Studio

If you have a business that experiences heavy and predictable footfall, automatic doors are arguably the best type of automatic door that you can select for your business. In a post-pandemic world, automatic doors are ever-rising in popularity for commercial businesses, offices, and other public places. In this latest blog post, we’ll be covering the top FIVE benefits of choosing to install high-quality automatic doors for your business.

Although there are many different types of entrance doors to select from, businesses are now having to re-think the purpose and inclusivity of how people are entering their businesses. Our top FIVE benefits of automatic doors (below) will outline exactly why automatic doors should be seriously considered for businesses operating within public places. 

Pictured here is British studio Sam Jacob Studio’s recent intervention to create a contemporary entrance for London’s historic V&A Museum with the addition of automatic sliding doors.

Hygiene Control

Although it’s post-pandemic, COVID-19 is still apparent and the last two years or so have changed people’s behaviors, especially of certain demographics. For example, as older people are more at risk, many are looking to continue with a safety-first approach to avoid catching COVID-19. Fortunately, automatic doors, installed by high-quality companies such as DUK Doors, provide fantastic hygiene control benefits which are especially essential to the likes of hospitals. Automatic doors are the perfect door solution where sanitation is imperative, and of course, the requirement for hygiene has increased ten-fold over the last few years. 


As the name suggests, automatic doors are automatic! This is extremely important in public places such as supermarkets and hospitals that are used to encountering a steady footfall. Automatic doors have sensors that are triggered when a customer/visitor is close to the entrance. This offers increased convenience which is especially important for people with mobility issues that otherwise many find it difficult to pull or push a door. The door does all the hard work for your visitors or customers.

 V&A Cromwell Road Entrance redesigned by Sam Jacob Studio

Improved Image

Another major benefit of automatic doors in public places is that you’ll benefit from an improved image and overall perception from customers or visitors. Your entrance door to your business is often the very first thing that your customers will see and it’s therefore incredibly important to select a door that offers a fantastic first impression. Automatic doors truly help to improve your overall business image as they offer increased convenience and look pleasing to the eye. Manual doors in public places can cause a negative impression, but not automatic doors.

Energy Saving

If you own a business that welcomes many different visitors and/or customers daily, it’s highly important to do all you can to maximise energy savings. The great thing about automatic doors installed in public places is the fact that they are only opened when triggered by movement. Therefore, heat is preserved unless you’re welcoming a customer through the door. In a post-pandemic and with the current energy crisis, energy saving for businesses is imperative to ensure you stay profitable and competitive. 

Space Saving

Did you know that automatic doors also provide space-saving benefits for businesses that operate in public places? This particular benefit is especially important for buildings where space may be tight. As you’ll already know, automatic doors are sliding doors and don’t open outwardly, therefore saving you a lot of space. This space-saving benefit will enable you to maximize the atmosphere you want to create for your business and control the experience that you want your customers and/or visitors to encounter.

Automatic Doors – Where They Are Installed

Automatic doors can be installed in a multitude of public places where there is a typically high heavy footfall including hospitals, supermarkets, casinos, betting shops, hotels, universities, colleges, and many more public places. High-quality and 5-star automatic door companies, just like DUK Doors, can install automatic sliding doors and automatic swinging doors for dozens of private and public places.