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Best Band Saws for Woodworking [Updated Reviews]

Best Band Saws for Woodworking [Updated Reviews]

When it comes toc, wood-crafting, or metalworking projects, proper equipment is the key to success. Choosing the right saw can make it or break it, literally. 

Depending on the types, length, and depth of cuts you need to create, different saws will be suitable. Table saws are ideal for the long, straight cuts, but if you plan on crafting some curves in the piece of wood, you should consider the band saw a better option. 

Band saws are a useful, versatile, and great tool to keep in every garage. You never know when you will need to cut through the woods or metal urgently—having the right equipment to help you will not harm. 

If you are looking for the best band saw on the market, here is a list of reviews and buyer’s guides to help you pick the machine wisely. 

JET 14″ Deluxe Pro Band Saw Kit

The JET bandsaw is one of the biggest machines available on the market. It comes with a 15×15 inch cutting table and can cut as deeply as 12 inches into the wood. Moreover, it has a blade checking window to help you see where exactly you are cutting. 

To make sure your cut is smooth and precise, the machine comes with ball bearing guides on the upper and lower work area. They are there to ease the friction. Additionally, JET bandsaw offers quick release tension and an adjustable blade, so you don’t have to spend hours figuring the machine out. 

The device includes a 1 1/4 horsepower motor to increase power to the maximum. It is made of durable and robust cast iron to prolong its longevity and well-functioning. 

The high price is the only real downside of the JET bandsaw. It costs from $1000-1300. However, the multiple and adjustable cutting options it offers, make this equipment worth the money. 

Grizzly G0555LX Deluxe Bandsaw

The Grizzly Deluxe bandsaw is one of the best picks for reliable, stable, and durable wood-cutting machines. It weighs as much as 247 pounds, so there is no need to worry about potential bending or warping. 

Grizzly Deluxe has an iron-cast frame and table, which is essential when it comes to withstanding the additional pressure you may want to put on it while crafting. The machine is equipped with a one horsepower motor and can perform at two adjustable speeds against any kind of wood. 

The machine is recommended for professionals who do a lot of wood-cutting daily, as it is almost unportable and quite expensive. The estimated price of the Grizzly Deluxe is $625, but the 93 ½ length blades mixed with the 45 degrees table tilt make it worthwhile.

 Best Band Saws for Woodworking [Updated Reviews]

WEN 3962 Two-Speed Band Saw

WEN bandsaw is a wood-cutting machine that can be best described as ‘the best value for money.’

As it comes with a stand, the WEN bandsaw is a combination of a benchtop band saw model and a floor model. The mix makes it a perfect option for both beginners and experienced bandsaw operators. 

It offers 6 inches depth cutting blades that are 72 inches long, and 1/8 inch to 1/2 inch wide. There are two blade speeds possible – 1520 feet per minute or 2620 feet per minute. It is quite powerful, as it has a 3.5-amp motor. 

WEN is also equipped with a dust collection port, a miter gauge, a rip fence, and a work light, to make the work the most efficient and comfortable possible. 

The major downside of this machine is that the blades are rather complicated to install and adjust the blades if you are an absolute novice. Besides that, the WEN bandsaw is definitely worth its price, as it costs only about $260. 


A saw is one of the essential tools when it comes to woodworking and metalworking. It makes all kinds of projects more comfortable and faster to do. Before choosing the right saw, determine what you will use it for. 

While it is best to go for a table saw if you plan on cutting straight lines, choosing bandsaw is better for crafting curves. 

The absolute best band saws for woodworking available on the market in 2020 include JET 14″ Deluxe Pro Band Saw Kit, Grizzly G0555LX Deluxe Bandsaw, and WEN 3962 Two-Speed Band Saw. They all are stable, durable, secure, and suitable for various types of works. 

However, they vary in their parameters, design, and features. Before purchasing one of the machines mentioned above, make sure you know what determines your purchase – is it the price? The motor? The blades? 

Feel free to read some more reviews and get more information on the model that you like best to make sure you will be fully satisfied with your new bandsaw.