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Best Tips for Choosing the Right-sized Art for You

Timeless living room with wall covered with paintings

Alan Tansey

Looking to renovate your space? Selling art online has made this task easier, bringing artists and buyers closer than ever. Finding the perfect artwork for your home can be a challenge, and usually one focuses on the artistic style or artists we like. But there’s another really important element to consider: size. Today we’ll give you the best tips for choosing the right-sized art for you.

Find where to buy artwork

An Online art platform can offer you artworks from all over the world, and of all styles. One of the main advantages is the advice. Users have available all the relevant information about the artwork, and they can also be assisted in case of any doubt. This will allow them to consult the best options according to their needs. Online art sales also enable customers to communicate directly with the artists, and best of all, protect their purchase.  

Keep colors in mind

You don’t want to put a beautiful but small piece of art on a large white wall and have it go unnoticed, or a large colorful piece of art that will flood the room taking on too much prominence. The color range of an artwork is directly related to the size. The more vibrant or saturated the color palette, the more space it will need to be contemplated. The brightness it generates will be an unavoidable focal point in the space. Neutral colors, on the other hand, do not compete with the environment and are indicated to complement it.

 Bright kitchen with vintage painting

The space

The type of space is also important: is it a bedroom, a living room, or a dining room? Keep in mind that the living room is the center of attention par excellence and the first thing your friends and family will see when they visit you, so you should opt for a large piece. On the other hand, in your bedroom, you may want works that invite you to rest and give you peace of mind. Here you should choose smaller sizes that do not choke the space. 


It is important to respect proportion in your decoration. So be sure to choose a large work if the wall is large or a composition of several works. In the first case, you have to place your work more or less centered in the available space. If the wall is small then you can combine paintings of different sizes -small/medium- to generate dynamism. Similarly, you can determine whether your artwork will be horizontal or vertical.

To achieve a comfortable home you should also take care of the distribution. A very large painting should be at a prudent distance from the sofa, neither too high nor too close. Finally, consider the height at which your artwork will be hung, and the distance from the ceiling. Do you know what the ideal height is? Experts say that the perfect height to hang a painting is a little above eye level.