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Blanc i Negre Bar Restaurant by Ramón Esteve

Alfonso Calza

Spanish firm Ramón Esteve Estudio has created monochromatic interiors for the renovated Blanc i Negre bar and restaurant in Valencia. The great challenge of this project was the transformation of the existing premises – a classic restaurant with a lot of tradition- into a contemporary and modern establishment with a strong character that keeps part of its previous traditional personality.

The diamond-shaped geometry of the ceramic tiling, from the Faces collection by L’Antic Colonial –also designed by Ramon Esteve-, matches with the remains of the previous premises, giving the restaurant a noticeable identity. The ceramic flooring, of a discreet beige hue, provides a cosy atmosphere that contrast with other elements such as the golden details of the lighting, the sinuous counter of Nero Marquina veined marble and the diamond-shaped geometry repeated both in Faz furniture by Vondom and in the tiling.

Blanc i Negre is divided in two different rooms with different features: the restaurant area and the bar area, with bar tables and a more casual character. Their result is a space where the interior design achieves a perfect balance between modernity and warmth and contributes to create a unique hedonistic experience.

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all images © Alfonso Calza