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Bocadillo de Jamón y Champan, Malasaña, Madrid

Jara Varela

Bocadillo de Jamón y Champan takes up a space of 90 square meters in a building of the late nineteenth century in Malasaña, in the very center of Madrid. Following the gastronomic concept of the brand, local firm Lucas y Hernández-Gil Arquitectos conceived a natural but sophistifacted atmosphere.

The design has been developed with a duality raw – refined both in the use of materials and the palette. The bar, made by blue tiles and brass, and the round shapes of the tables move us closer to the sophisticated and festive world of champagne. This shiny and polished finishes are opposite to the raw textures of the floors and walls with light tones, greens and rosy, made by dyeing gypsum and cement-wood planks.


Functionally, the space with a extended design, has been articulated in parallel to the bar and to two big shared tables. At the same time the uniqueness of the context has been integrated into the design, with smelting columns, accompanied with a modernist touch.

Lucas y Hernández-Gil have have specifically designed the tables made in iron and resin with the champagne coolers integrated. Also the bar stools, the lamps, and the brass wall lamps were designed exclusively for this place.

 bocadillo-de-jamon-y-champan-malasana-madrid-photo-by-Jara-Varela-6 bocadillo-de-jamon-y-champan-malasana-madrid-photo-by-Jara-Varela-7 bocadillo-de-jamon-y-champan-malasana-madrid-photo-by-Jara-Varela-8 bocadillo-de-jamon-y-champan-malasana-madrid-photo-by-Jara-Varela-9 bocadillo-de-jamon-y-champan-malasana-madrid-photo-by-Jara-Varela-10 bocadillo-de-jamon-y-champan-malasana-madrid-photo-by-Jara-Varela-11 bocadillo-de-jamon-y-champan-malasana-madrid-photo-by-Jara-Varela-12

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