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Bogobrush introduces sustainable socially-minded toothbrush


Detroit startup Bogobrush introduces a new collection of buy one + give one, eco-designed toothbrushes made entirely in the USA. Created by co-founders, siblings, and children of a dentist, Bogobrush was born out of John and Heather McDougall’s idea that the world deserved a toothbrush that shared their values of simplicity, sustainability, and community.

The minimalist brush’s cylindrical shape was inspired by the feel of an artist’s paintbrush in the hand, and is perfectly paired with a stand that displays the brush while keeping it clean and dry. “We wanted to rethink the toothbrush, from an object people hide in dirty cups and cabinets, to something you would proudly display in your home,” explains Bogobrush designer and co-founder John McDougall.


Bogobrush’s sustainable design is available in either recyclable or compostable materials, and with manufacturing partners near their base in Detroit and across the Midwest, Bogobrush can proudly say that every bit of their products are born in the USA. The company first experimented with bamboo brushes, which forced manufacturing overseas. But to get the quality they demanded, Bogobrush quickly turned their eyes towards home, and with a few improvements to their design, began American production in 2015.

Bogobrush has a social mission, too: for every toothbrush purchased, one is donated to a person in need. To date, Bogobrush has donated more than 2,000 toothbrushes through partner health clinics in Detroit MI, Minneapolis/St. Paul MN, and Fargo ND.

Bogobrush is available in select retail shops and dental clinics across the U.S. and online at bogobrush.com

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all images and video courtesy of Bogobrush