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Bohemian vs Flapper Dress – What to Choose and How to Wear Both of Them

Bohemian vs Flapper Dress  -What to Choose and How to Wear Both of Them

Bohemian or flapper dress  – what to choose? This is like a to be or not to be dilemma. These dresses are a bit like the first look, but each of the styles has its own story, and special occasions to wear. In this article,  we will deal with these two types of dresses in more detail.

How to Understand What Really Suits Me?

Yes, this is the most common problem especially if you have not previously encountered a bohemian or Gatsby style and do not yet understand with what accessories it is possible to combine such dresses. Moreover, sometimes it is quite difficult to make the right choice online. However, using the online-stylist.co.uk application, you can make preliminary sketches of your evening style, look at possible combinations of colors, shoes, accessories and even hairstyles and proceed to shopping with a clear understanding of what you really need. In the meantime, let’s find out the features of bohemian and flapper dresses.

 Bohemian vs Flapper Dress  -What to Choose and How to Wear Both of Them

Bohemian Dress And Their Peculiarities

Bohemian dress, like the whole bohemian counterculture, has undergone many vicissitudes during the twentieth century. Between the first and second world wars, bohemianism became a little more for many young people than the stage during which they wore picturesque and rebellious clothes, lived in artists’ workshops. And the bohemian parties and style of that time suggest that the then-bohemian did not differ much from the lifestyle of students in the 21st century. The connection between genuine creativity and lifestyle has begun to fade. And today, bohemian style is available to everyone, regardless of social foundations. So what choice can you make looking for a bohemian dress UK?

  • Fans of bohemian chic style should choose maxi dresses, complementing them with shiny accessories, a clutch, high-heeled shoes, a wide-brimmed hat, a boa or a fur wrap.
  • Boots in a cowboy style, rough boots, boots with ankle-boot in an accordion will suit a light, loose tunic dress. Plus, a vest made of jeans or fur.
  • An elegant look is an outfit with a blazer, a short jacket, pearl jewelry or long chains with large pendants.
  • If you have hooligan inclinations, then choose a romantic airy dress with leggings and usually a hat, a leather or suede vest, and rude shoes.
  • The chic look is a long dress with a fur vest and a hippie-like headband, platform shoes, and sandals.
  • If you are afraid of a completely bohemian look, because you are not sure about your choice, then just wear a bohemian dress with something simple and familiar for you – for example, a denim jacket or vest, flat sandals made of genuine leather from Southern Polished.

However, as you can see the bohemian style is not so difficult. With a close combination of images and occasions in which you put them on, almost any dress has a chance to become bohemian.

 Bohemian vs Flapper Dress  -What to Choose and How to Wear Both of Them

Flapper Dress And The Great Gatsby Style

If you watched a movie or read a book about the Great Gatsby, then you definitely already have the first idea of ​​this style. Flapper dress is a cross between vintage, 1920 fashion, and Gatsby style. Therefore, it is necessary to approach the issue of its choice very carefully.

The cult novel “The Great Gatsby” for many years retained the unique silhouette of a woman’s dress. Here are the essential elements of a boohoo flapper dress:

  • The cut of the model is free, not fitted (rectangular shape);
  • The length of the dress reaches the knee. The dress itself can be short, various options for drapery, due to which the dress can end and slightly below the knee visually increase the volume of the dress;
  • On the back or chest there is a deep neckline;
  • The dress is characterized by the absence of sleeves, and if they are still there, then these are wing-sleeves that do not burden the image;
  • Patterns are sewn onto the dress with beads or rhinestones;
  • The dress has a pleated hem or fringed hem.

In dresses of the Great Gatsby era, a girl of a completely different type of figure will look amazing, but a dress of such a cut will really suit thin girls of a boyish type of figure – a “slender column” or “rectangle”. The emancipation of women, which at that time became a fever for the beautiful half of humanity, changed the familiar ideal of the girl’s image. Not surprisingly, women borrowed men’s clothing, mastered difficult, “not girlish” professions, and wore short haircuts. And all this remains relevant today. It is not very difficult to recreate the silhouette of the era of the Great Gatsby, it is enough to observe the basic elements of the image. Minimalism and elegance are the main criteria that should be followed.

  • If you do not wear a short haircut, collect the hair in a tight bun and fill the hair with varnish. You can also hide hair under a special net;
  • With a dress of the style of the beginning of the 20th century, headbands with large brooches and feathers; graceful rims; silk scarves tied around the head; cloche hats work well;
  • For your taste, choose a boa or a light cape for the dress;
  • Do not be afraid to go too far with accessories – the style of the 20s is expensive and aristocratic;
  • When applying makeup, do not spare the mascara and eyeliner to highlight the eyes. Do not forget to draw the lips “bow”;
  • Pumps with a small heel with rounded toes will perfectly fit your look. And all this you can find on the online stylist site about which we already spoke.

In other words, look at how Daisy dresses in the film about the Great Gatsby and do not hesitate to borrow her style elements, because the directors, screenwriters, and costumers of this film made every effort to ensure that this work of art also becomes a guide to the style of that era.


As you can see, the bohemian and Gatsby styles have their own characteristics. These are definitely not options for daily wear, however, these are two excellent alternatives for a theme party, a gala event or a photoshoot.