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Bold Color Is Making a Comeback in Interior Design

Kitchen with blue cabinets

Neutral color schemes are seen in many modern homes. They provide a clean and tidy look. However, recently, brighter colors are making a comeback. These add a sense of style and energy to any space. Here are a few more reasons why they are popular today.

Why Bold Is In

Warmer tones provide a sense of energy within the room. Homeowners want to feel refreshed after a long day of work. Some people even work from home, so vibrant colors inspire productivity.

Also, after the pandemic, we could all use a little more joy in our lives. Shades such as pinks, oranges, and lavenders provide a sense of positivity. Pink also symbolizes love and kindness, which is perfect for family homes.

Another reason bold colors are resurfacing is inspiration from the 1970s. This style brings a sense of nostalgia after a tough year. The 1970s style focuses on earthy tones, like greens. These tones bring a sense of warmth and comfort. The trend also incorporates wicker furniture for a more natural appearance.

Along with brighter hues, bolder patterned wallpaper – like florals – is also in style. These create a unique look that showcases someone’s personality.

Textures are also another trend to experiment with. Leather and fur are good choices to make that modern and cozy atmosphere. Also, patterned tiles, like stripes and geometric shapes, add character to any space. They work well, especially for kitchen backsplashes or shower walls.

Pay Attention to Balance

Bold colors can be overwhelming if not incorporated properly. So, start by considering the scale of the room. Opt for an accent wall for smaller spaces instead of painting all four sections. This can create a stunning focal point.

Accents are also another simple way to bring in playful hues. You can incorporate accent shades into the pillows. Then add in a complementary neutral color for balance. Adding metal finishes, like gold, can be a fun way to enhance the room.

Also, when mixing multiple tones, go for subtle ones. For example, try a jade green as opposed to a fuchsia. Then, stay within three variations of the color, which brings a sense of harmony to the room.

Another factor to consider is where to place the hues. Bolder colors work best in low-traffic areas, like hallways and dining rooms.

 Flush door and wall painted with coral paint

How to Incorporate Bolder Hues

A straightforward way to add fun colors is by painting your walls. Green, red, yellow, and black are popular for modern homes. Red is a good color for a kitchen because it increases appetite. Also, within the kitchen, painting the cabinets can energize the space. Two-toned shelves are becoming a popular trend.

For example, go for brighter shades and neutral tones. Whites and blues are good color combinations that bring a sense of peace. Adding bold colors to the ceiling is also an easy way to add a pop of color. Just make sure it complements the rest of the space.

Also, include eye-catching colors through metal finishes, such as gold, brass, and copper. These materials work well for kitchen faucets, backsplashes, and appliances. Another subtle way to incorporate bold hues is by painting the doors and the trim. It creates a beautiful focal point without making the room feel too busy.

Adding colorful artwork is also an excellent option. Plus, this allows a homeowner to add their personal touch. A gallery wall is a fun way to elevate the walls. Homeowners can hang things like family photos or differently styled mirrors. Murals and fabrics are also great ways to brighten up the walls.

You can add striking tones to other decor as well. For example, you can mix them into rugs or blankets. Colorful curtains can also help control the temperature and create an energized atmosphere. Linen, velvet, and silk are popular fabric choices for homeowners.

Chairs are another easy way to add some color. Adding brighter hues, like yellow, can make a statement. For example, add them around a kitchen island or breakfast nook.

How to Choose a Color

When choosing which colors to add to a space, there is a lot to consider. There are multiple options to consider. One way to pick a color is to match it with a piece of furniture. Select three colors found in the pillows to create the color scheme. Then, decide which color to add to the wall and use the others for fabric and furnishings.

Another tip for choosing colors is to create a certain feeling. Keep in mind colors can evoke different emotions. For example, greens and blues can establish a calming environment. So, they work well for the bedroom or bathroom. Yellows stimulate productivity and can be used in living rooms or offices.

Bright Homes Are the New Trend

As more people work and spend time at home, they are looking for ways to re-energize their space. Adding bolder hues is a straightforward way to do this. Playful colors work well as accents or on shelves. However, remember to strike a balance between neutrals and darker shades.

Author: Evelyn Long is the editor-in-chief of Renovated. Her work focuses on interior and architectural design and has been published by Build Magazine, the National Association of REALTORS and other online publications.