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Borden Park Pavilion by gh3, Canada


Toronto-based studio gh3 has designed a mirrored pavilion for the Borden Park in Edmonton, Canada, that reflects the surrounding park and seasons in striking triangular facets. The building recalls the iconic geometry of classical parks and pavilions, given the surrounding curving paths and loose axial relationships, typical of traditional English school of landscaping. Inside, the core of the circular pavilion contains public toilets and vending machines, encircled by a small seating area, offering unobstructed views of the park through its elegant, laminated timber truss structure.


From the outside, the pavilion is clad with triangulated, highly reflective glass panels, effectively dissolving into its surroundings.Floor to ceiling glazing is fixed to the wood structure and allows captivating views out from the pavilion while expressing the structural grid and pattern on the exterior.

 3-borden-park-pavilion-gh3-canada 4-borden-park-pavilion-gh3-canada 5-borden-park-pavilion-gh3-canada 6-borden-park-pavilion-gh3-canada

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