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Born to Be Wild

Born to Be Wild

cottonbro from Pexels

“Get your motor runnin’, head out on the highway. Lookin’ for adventure and whatever comes our way.” Steppenwolf’s lyrics from “Born To Be Wild” echo in our heads as we think of the feeling of freedom that a motorcycle evokes.

This feeling of freedom was the point forever burnt into the annals of history by Peter Fonda and Dennis Hopper in 1969’s “Easy Rider”.

Before you get too excited and go out and purchase your new toy,  you should take into account your abilities, budget, safety, and your motorcycle coverage.

What Type of Motorbike Should You Get?

Perhaps you had a 1,000cc Suzuki Katana in 1981, and you ruled the streets.

Now, however, you’re 40 years older and technology has advanced. A 1,000cc superbike now can’t be compared to the older large capacity motorbikes. Modern motorbikes have a lot more power and are much faster, which will affect your motorcycle coverage.

Or, following in the “Easy Rider” legacy, you can consider a cruiser. They’re slower and heavier but offer a relaxed riding position so you can be comfortable while adventuring.

A dual-purpose machine offers enough power and speed to quench your craving for going fast, with the added benefit of “go anywhere” capability. They’re comfortable for long distances, too.

Cruisers and dual-purpose motorcycles are usually a bit more affordable than supersport variants but can become pricey as well – especially if you’re adding extras.

Meanwhile, before investing in a new one, understanding your motorcycle’s value can help you make informed decisions if you plan to trade or sell it to fund your new bike.

It’s important to know what your riding abilities are and what your riding budget is before making a commitment.

 Born to Be Wild

Are They Safe?

The age-old debate of motorcycle safety. It’s probably been a debate that’s been around since the invention of the motorcycle in the late 19th-century.

In Canada, the average motorcyclist is 13.5 times more likely to be in serious danger than drivers of motor vehicles. These stats don’t, however, show driver skill, level of protective equipment worn, or take the possible intoxication levels of the rider into account.

The good news about motorcycle safety is – it’s all in your hands.

Being a better rider will also affect your motorcycle coverage. Search your area for local motorbike riding schools and sharpen your riding techniques.

Apply “ATGATT” – All The Gear All The Time. When riding to the shop that’s only 2 miles away – wear all your safety items.

Higher skill levels and wearing safety equipment whenever you ride means decreased likelihood of serious incidents. Fewer incidents mean less claims. And, we’re not statisticians, but the less claims you have, the better your reputation would be with your insurance company


Whether you choose a cruiser, dual-purpose, or a supersport motorcycle, they’ll all give you thrills.

Granted, there are a few more safety factors to consider when buying a motorcycle when compared to a car or SUV. You might even need to go to a specialized school to become a better rider.

In the end, you’ll be thankful, and you’ll have a motorcycle coverage policy that’ll suit your needs.

Now, you just need to decide which motorcycle suits your style.