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By Means of Content bags by Stella Derkzen


By Means of Content is a collection of bags designed by Stella Derkzen that show their character once filled. By using  translucent materials to provide a soft and luminous look, when filled the bags extend, taking a different and distinct shape showing a glimpse of the inside. “This collection of bags is the result of a study concerning a new way of carrying your belongings” says Stella. “They behave by means of the content.”

“The bags are especially made for the metropolitan woman allowing her to reveal her true identity” adds Stella.

 2-by-means-of-content-bags-by-stella-derkzen 3-by-means-of-content-bags-by-stella-derkzen 4-by-means-of-content-bags-by-stella-derkzen 5-by-means-of-content-bags-by-stella-derkzen 6-by-means-of-content-bags-by-stella-derkzen

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