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Canari House by Naturehumaine, Montréal

Adrien Williams

Canadian studio Naturehumaine has transformed a 1930s brick fourplex in an urban neighbourhood in Montréal to create a contemporary home with a rental unit for an athletic young couple. The existing part of the house was restored on the street side, and the attached garage was restructured to match, as well as to accommodate the new outdoor terrace perched on its roof. Topped with an angular wooden structure, this volume breaks up the perpendicular volumetry of the corner building and allows gardens to nestle into its interstices.

Large bay windows overlooking the north-facing garden bring maximum light to the living areas and show off the striking colour of the stairway. As a focal point of the interior composition, the stairway brings a warm and vibrant tone to the project. The layout of this sculptural object, playing with diagonal lines, is the central dynamic element of the Canari House.

A black band defines circulation through the house, all the way to the garden. The colour accents in the bathrooms, in orange and blue tones, energize the look of these confined spaces and complete the graphic composition of the project.

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all images © Adrien Williams