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Carlota Hotel by JSa Arquitectura, Mexico City

Camila Cossío

It’s an exciting time for Mexico City with more restaurants, galleries, theatres, night clubs, festivals and events than ever before. From those searching for “hidden gems” with an authentic taste of the city, to those seeking the amenities and services of a large hotel, will find what they are looking for in Mexico City.

One of this “hidden gems” is the new design-oriented Carlota boutique hotel, which was spearheaded by the prestigious Mexico City-based firm JSa Arquitectura, opened in the lively Colonia Juarez neighborhood. The property features amenities such as a glass walled swimming pool and a chic, on-location boutique, Taxonomia.


The interiors are designed in collaboration with a team of Mexican designers who took care of every detail of the spaces, from concrete furniture with inlaid custom wood and lighting fixtures, even the bathroom fixtures, producing each piece according to each room. Contemporary art interventions cover some walls of the rooms giving a touch of color and creating a unique spatial experience.

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images by Camila Cossío and Rafael Gamo | courtesy of Carlota Hotel