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CaseCam: The Ultimate Selfie Gadget for iPhone

CaseCam’s compact iPhone tripod case and innovative photo snapping app puts you back in group photos, simplifies capturing video, and takes the arm out of your pictures. The case and app were born out of a desire to be included in group photos of friends and family, enhance the phone’s capacity for capturing videos, and expand the capabilities of everyone’s most-used camera. CaseCam solves a problem faced by students, moms, dads, travelers, video bloggers, and anyone who uses their phone to snap group photos or take video.


The Project is currently seeking funding via a KickStarter campaign, launched on July 21st. Available for $25 to Early Bird buyers for the iPhone 5 and 5s, CaseCam will be delivered in December, prior to the holidays, providing a sturdy case with built in iPhone tripod. The CaseCam application will have features like a delayed shot timer and the ability to use a friend’s phone as a Bluetooth remote trigger for taking a group photo from your phone. Additionally, with a shared WiFi connection, users can view a friend’s phone to see what their CaseCam is seeing, allowing them to easily frame the shot.

 2-casecam-the-ultimate-selfie-gadget-for-iphone 3-casecam-the-ultimate-selfie-gadget-for-iphone

all images courtesy of CASECAM