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Casetify unveils Coach x Colette iPhone Case


Fashion tech accessories brand Casetify releases its limited edition tech capsule for Parisian fashion boutique colette’s special collaboration with New York fashion house Coach. Nearly a decade since Coach and colette have collaborated, fashion has evolved since then with tech accessories being at the forefront of what’s trending in style.

In tandem with Apple’s recent iPhone 7 launch, Casetify Casetify creates a fun-loving one-of-a-kind iPhone 7 case featuring Coach’s lovable cartoon insignia, Rexy the Dinosaur colored in colette’s signature blue.


“As a lifestyle brand for self-expression, we’re honored to take part in celebrating Coach’s special collaboration through our limited edition tech capsule case” said Wes Ng CEO and co-founder of Casetify. “It is our aim to bridge the gap between fashion and tech by making tech accessories that appeal to people who look for style in their products.”  

Get Casetify’s limited edition tech capsule making prehistoric history available at $40USD for  the iPhone 7, iPhone 7+, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s+ from  at colette.fr and at Coach Soho in New York and Coach.com.

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all images courtesy of Casetify