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Chamberlain Unveils An Automatic Garage Door For Dogs at CES 2021


Garage door company Chamberlain has unveiled a fully-automated, internet-connected pet door, offering dogs the freedom to go outside whenever they want, or allowing owners to remotely activate themselves. 71 million households own pets by the end of 2020,  leaving an overwhelming number of pet parents feeling guilty when leaving their dogs alone at home. At the same time, millions use Chamberlain’s myQ to control, secure and monitor such home access points as their garage. Now myQ smart access can be used to tend to a loved pet’s most basic need — going outside.



The solution shown at CES 2021, provides live video streaming and two-way communication through the myQ pet portal app — so parents can stay connected to pets any time of the day. Designed to replace an existing exterior door, the myQ Pet Portal comes integrated in a select offering of Kolbe doors with material and color options to fit pet parents’ home aesthetics and is professionally installed.

 Chamberlain myQ Pet portal unveiled at CES 2021

Seamlessly integrated within the door, a hidden smart panel features a patent-pending smart, elevator-style opening mechanism that works with a custom collar sensor. Unlike conventional retrofit pet doors, the myQ Pet Portal is virtually unnoticeable from the outside, ensuring that visitors, passersby and pesky squirrels won’t realize it’s there. It is the only no-compromise solution for homeowners who want to keep the security and exterior appearance of their home intact while providing their pup with the freedom to potty and play on demand.

 Chamberlain myQ Pet portal unveiled at CES 2021

Designed with home security, pet safety and a wide range of dog sizes in mind, the myQ Pet Portal works for dogs as small as 10 lbs. up to 90 lbs. and includes safety sensors to ensure safe passage. Where traditional retrofit dog doors can leave homes exposed to the elements, wild critters, and other unwanted guests, the pet portal has been intentionally designed with an auto-close and lock system which triggers after pets’ passage through. a two-way camera and audio enables real-time and recorded viewing of a pet’s comings and goings.

Retailing for less than half of what many pet owners spend annually on a dogwalker, the professionally installed myQ Pet Portal is now available for pre-order on myQpetportal.com starting at $2,999.