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Chantal Light by Doriana and Massimiliano Fuksas for Slamp


Doriana and Massimiliano Fuksas created Chantal, an hypnotic light collection for Slamp. The idea springs from the world of illusions, the challenge of transferring a two-dimensional element into multiplying endless volumes. A light reminiscent of waves chasing each other and the transparency of the moment when they thin out, and dematerialize, returning as infinite drops of light.

The collection was presented at Euroluce during the 2015 Milan Design Week.

 2-chantal-light-by-doriana-and-massimiliano-fuksas-for-slamp 3-chantal-light-by-doriana-and-massimiliano-fuksas-for-slamp 4-chantal-light-by-doriana-and-massimiliano-fuksas-for-slamp 6-chantal-light-by-doriana-and-massimiliano-fuksas-for-slamp5-chantal-light-by-doriana-and-massimiliano-fuksas-for-slamp

all images courtesy of SLAMP