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Charity Tree by Hello Wood


Architecture firm Hello Wood, who built the 11-meter Christmas tree made out of 365 sleighs last year, has recently built another Christmas tree installation in Budapest made of 5,000 stacked pieces of firewood that weigh 150 quintals. Visitors can also walk inside the Charity Tree to find a chapel-like interior space. At night, the tree glows with lighting effects by Philips Hungary. After last year’s project, this year’s goal was to create a Christmas tree for the Budapest community, which symbolizes the importance of caring about each other. All the firewood used in the installation will be given to families in need in January.

“The role of architecture changed a lot in the last few years. After the crisis it has become more important to create works which are for everybody, not only the exclusive 1% of the population. Hello Wood represents this socially responsive architecture”  says Hello Wood.


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all images and video © DÁNIEL DÖMÖLKY / deephoto.hu