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Choosing the Best Lighting for Your Bathroom

Bathroom with LED-backlit mirror

We can all agree that lighting makes the biggest difference, and your bathroom is where it starts. For guys, it might be getting that precise shave and for girls making sure that your make-up looks great before you head out for the night.

Choosing the best lighting for your bathroom can be an overwhelming decision. Did you want to go for a big statement backlit mirror, or would you prefer strip lighting? The options are endless. Not to mention your lighting should be a practical decision and one that’s also pretty.

Layer your lighting

When picking and choosing your bathroom lighting considerations, use a combination and layer them. This means using strip lighting and pendants or backlighting your mirror and including strip lighting under your vanity. For example, when the kids are having a bath or a shower, you have all the lights on, making sure no one trips, but when you wander to the bathroom in the middle of the night for a toilet break, you can just have one small light on so you’re not blinded when you walk in.

Avoid shadows by angling your downlights

Downlights are usually the most practical choice for lighting throughout the home. However, when used in the bathroom, they will cast obvious shadows wherever they are placed. One common mistake is placing them directly above your mirror. Try to avoid this placement as they’ll cast a shadow straight down your face. If they are already established there, or if you don’t have an option to change their position, angle them away from the mirror.

 Bathroom with LED-backlit mirror

Include lighting dimmers

Lighting dimmers can be a great option to give you variety in your bathroom. They also can create a feeling of ambience and add a spa-like feel. Not only this, when you wake up bright and early in the morning, give your eyes some time to adjust and slowly up the brightness as you wake up.

Consider the space your in

Lighting can either maximise or minimise your bathroom. If you’ve only got a small space to work with, backlight your mirror. This is a great way to make the area feel larger than it actually is by adding another level of depth.

Add a wall scone or two

Wall scones are the perfect in-between. They give you that ambient lighting but take up barely any space. You also don’t need to go crazy with them. Wall scones can make a statement. However, sometimes the simplest details can make the biggest impact. A hot little tip, there isn’t such a thing as indoor and outdoor wall sconces. So you can get away with using ‘outdoor’ scones for your bathroom.

Just remember your home is about you and your family. Your lighting plan should be reflective of this. For example, if you have small children and don’t think a pendant light is a good idea over the bathtub, don’t include it. The bathroom is a part of your home and should be designed how you like it.