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Citizen Unveils “time is TIME” Installation at MDW2016


For the Milan Design Week 2016, Citizen has teamed up with Paris-based architect Tsuyoshi Tane from DGT Architects to realize an immersive installation that explores the idea of time. By using approximately 120,000 main plates, Tsuyoshi Tane created two primary spaces: SPACE A and SPACE B. In these spaces, visitors will have a completely new time experience. In this installation, they will experience time as an absolute and everything else as relative.

Under the theme of “time is TIME” this installation will explore the notion of “time” from a variety of angles— how the universe, earth, living creatures, mankind, life and society—are all linked to “time.” It will also exhibit various forms of “time,” that demonstrate different motions through mechanical and electronic movements.

“time is TIME” installation will be on show at Superstudio Più in Tortona district during the Milan Design Week.

 citizen-unveils-time-is-time-installation-at-mdw2016-2 citizen-unveils-time-is-time-installation-at-mdw2016-3 citizen-unveils-time-is-time-installation-at-mdw2016-4 citizen-unveils-time-is-time-installation-at-mdw2016-5 citizen-unveils-time-is-time-installation-at-mdw2016-6 citizen-unveils-time-is-time-installation-at-mdw2016-7 citizen-unveils-time-is-time-installation-at-mdw2016-8 citizen-unveils-time-is-time-installation-at-mdw2016-9 citizen-unveils-time-is-time-installation-at-mdw2016-10 citizen-unveils-time-is-time-installation-at-mdw2016-11 citizen-unveils-time-is-time-installation-at-mdw2016-12

all images courtesy of Citizen