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Citroën Unveils A Tiny EV Concept As An Alternative To Bikes And Scooters

Citroën Ami One Concept


At the upcoming Geneva Motor Show, French car automaker Citroën will unveil its Ami One Concept, a disruptive all-electric object that places digital technology at the heart of a new experience of urban mobility affording more freedom and peace of mind. 
Citroën designed Ami One Concept as an alternative to public transport (bus, tramway, metro) and other individual, two-wheeler means of transport such as bikes, scooters and kick scooters. An ultra-compact (2.50 m long) two-seater concept vehicle bringing occupants impressive agility in urban environments, Ami One Concept also conveys robustness through its body styling.


The closed cabin protects occupants in the event of bad weather. The architecture and design, both informed by function and usage, enable users to explore a new driving experience. Accessible for all from the age of 16 (European countries average/according to the legislation), Ami One Concept is intended for urban customers with or without a driver’s licence and who share with the Brand the same love for the freedom of movement.

Faithful to the Brand baseline “Inspired by You” and 100% connected, Ami One Concept is based on a 100% digital ecosystem from the discovery of the vehicle through to its use. The ecosystem offers an innovative “on demand” customer experience applying to each step (online presentation, test drive request, service configuration, reservation and delivery) and enables customers to easily choose the period of use most suited to their needs. The digital experience continues with a special mobile app for managing the vehicle and journeys.

 Citroën Ami One Concept

Citroën is making its customers’ lives easier in terms of mobility access by offering, via digital media, several options spanning carsharing, rental and purchase. The aim is to fulfill all the travel needs of customers by addressing all the ways in which they use mobility objects (occasionally or regularly, with family or friends, individual or shared) in complete peace of mind. The system adapts to users while offering them rapid action. Customers can access Ami One Concept for a minimum of 5 minutes and adjust their usage at any time to several hours, with no commitment and all-inclusive. The options can be customized to each person’s mobility requirements and address the need for 5 minutes, 5 hours or 5 days of use, as well as use over longer periods of time with rental offers for 5 months or long-term leasing arrangements for 5 years.

 Citroën Ami One Concept

The 425-kg (936 lb) Ami One  Concept features a cube-shaped body and ultra-compact dimensions. Four-spoke 18-inch wheels sit at the base as if sculpted from the cabin which measures 2.5m long and 1.5m high. once inside, drivers will find wireless charging for their phone and a 5-inch screen for an instrument cluster. The interface is controlled using two buttons mounted on the steering wheel, a voice command to call the assistant and a drop-down menu for browsing apps. To the right of the ‘drive-pod’, a cylinder houses the start button, warning button, automatic gearbox selector and a Bluetooth speaker with volume control.

 Citroën Ami One Concept Citroën Ami One Concept Citroën Ami One Concept Citroën Ami One Concept Citroën Ami One Concept Citroën Ami One Concept