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Classic Home Decor Trends That Are Making A Comeback

Classic Home Decor Trends That Are Making A Comeback

From the hippy prints of the 60’s to the popping colours from the 70’s, the history of home decor is an ongoing changing development in homes across the world. As old designs and trends are making a comeback, houses today are made up of the classic designs over the decades which prove even more popular today. 

Many decades have had major influences in the way interior design is incorporated in our homes. With the use of floral prints and paisley fabrics being used in many homes, to custom-made furniture made from organic materials, the different styles and items are endless in completing the traditional decor trend.

From styling your home through wallpaper and paints, to adding textures and appliances to your home, the styles over the years have made vast changes, here are just a few ways these trendy looks are incorporated in homes today.

Over the decades the design trends in homes have been constantly evolving. From the 80’s bold and neon pieces, to the new millennials pastels and neutrals, the vast range of styles have been countless. Depending on personal decor preferences, there are many useful decor guides and resources that homeowners can find online to help inspire them to decorate their homes. For example, this guide from Painted Furniture Company outlines the interior design trends across the decades as an insight into what you can incorporate into your home with the old styles. 

In the 2000s the decor trends changed yet again as DIY projects and upcycling became more and more popular. As an update of the 80’s cottage aesthetic, homeowners and interior designers took an interest into the use of pastels and neutrals, particularly with painted furniture. In the present day, many homeowners can embrace this style of interior design in many different ways, both efficiently and easily. Some ways could include picking new colour schemes, upcycling old items, and easily transforming their home with handmade British painted furniture.

 Classic Home Decor Trends That Are Making A Comeback

Retro Kitchen Appliances Making a Comeback

Over the past decades, kitchen appliances are just one that have been subject to trends and have constantly changed in style. Throwing it back to the 70’s, the avocado green and gold hues were famous amongst many households. The following decade was made up of the basic black and white monochrome look to finish off the stylish look. 

Fast forward to the 21st century, and the trendy retro appliances are making a comeback in many homes. The bold statement appliances add an old-school touch to any kitchen. From fridges to microwaves and kettles, these trendy appliances now come in a selection of deep colours with brass, gold, or chrome to accomplish the retro-style look. 

The Chic Ways of Styling Macrame and Rattan

The 60’s and 70’s were the home of the rattan and macrame trend. The two are compatible with modern bohemian and coastal designs and have moved their way across the decades into the trends of the 21st century. The ongoing trend has even got people crafty over the years. Many homeowners have taken on their own DIY projects by personalising home decor, and mastering the macrame technique to enforce it in their homes themselves has been a huge hit.

With the inviting and cosy feel that they bring to homes, many designers around the world have found new ways of integrating macrame into the modern world. Some are setting up the beautiful pieces with side chairs and textured throws to finish off the stylish and chic look. Similarly, rattan is often being used today with airy side tables and modern-day chairs to complete the natural and effortless style.

Catering for All Styles Through Patterned Tiles

From kitchen floors to bathroom walls, patterned tiles are another classic trend working it’s way up into the decor of today’s homes. In a range of patterns and colours, these tiles can match with almost any household style with the versatility and freedom in choice when putting together the interior design. 

Whether you want to spruce up your kitchen’s benchtops or get creative with the cabinets in your living room, the range of styles make it easy to create a coordinating colour scheme across any type of home. 

The intricate patterning of the tiles are proving to be popular across many homes today, as they create a warm and inviting look to finish off any stylish room. This timeless look is one that will never go out of style. With the chance to add a touch of creativity into the designs of the tiles, homeowners with various different style preferences can all benefit from the vintage look.

 Classic Home Decor Trends That Are Making A Comeback

Getting Creative With Wallpaper

Originated from the 70’s, wallpapers are the perfect way to brighten up any dull wall in any room. As interior designers over the years have created thousands of modern designs, wallpaper is suitable for any room, in any home. As styles are constantly changing and designers are creating even more pieces, the variety of wallpaper trends ensure that all styles are catered for. 

With a wide range of patterns, colours, and styles to choose from, wallpaper is just the beginning of setting a theme throughout your home, with an elegant finish it ensures a put-together look in any room. From traditional florals to geometrics and textures, there are wallpaper styles to suit anybody, and can make a huge style statement for any home. 

Bringing Back the Houseplant Aesthetic 

Indoor plants add an aesthetic edge to any room. Popular since the 1970s, houseplants brought any place to life with their decorative touch and benefits to your health. In a variety of sizes and styles, incorporating these into your home is the perfect way to liven up a room. 

Larger plants make the perfect bold statement to any room. As they emphasize certain parts of rooms and add a homely touch, there are many ways to add plants into modern interior design for a clean and fresh look. Small plants are also a classic touch to interior design,with low maintenance they can be placed in any room of the house to achieve the timeless look.