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Clay Tile Roof Options

Clay Tile Roof Options

Clay roof tiling is an attractive roofing option for most homeowners because it’s durable, aesthetically pleasing, and requires minimal maintenance. Plus, they come in an array of styles. You can differentiate these clay tile roof styles with their configuration and special fitting features. Before you settle on one of the options, it’s important that you partner with the right Roof Replacement Contractor to ensure you get one that fits your home.

Clay Roofing Tile Profiles

High profile

  • Pan-and-Cover Tile

In this clay roofing model, the cover tiles are placed to overlap the pan tile. This installation technique gives the roof a pleasant high-profile appearance.

  • Spanish S-Tile

As opposed to pan-and-cover, these are one-piece tiles that are easier to install but still give your home an appealing high-profile look.

Flat Profile

  • Flat Shingle Tile

These are laid on the roof structure as a slate. They have a double thickness.

  • Flat Interlocking

These have a low profile and are of single thickness. They are characterized by contours and ribs that make them extra strong.

Low Profile

  • French Tile

These have deep locks and prominent flutes that improve durability and drainage ability.

Why Install a Clay Tile Roof on Your Home 

Aesthetics-clay tile roofs have an aesthetically appealing aura. Additionally, clay tile roofs greatly complement stone or brick sidings.

Lifespan- Clay roof tiles are impervious to rotting or damage by insects. As such, they can serve you for decades. This translates to savings in maintenance or roof replacement costs.

Energy-efficient- clay tiles have insulation properties as they regulate the temperature on the rooftop keeping your home comfortable all through. This helps save on electricity costs.

Withstands harmful ultraviolet radiation-while other materials either expand and or contract during extreme weather, clay tile roofs remain stable.

Different styles to select from- as already highlighted, there are different clay tile profiles. You have the liberty to choose what matches your preferences.

 Clay Tile Roof Options

Choosing the Right Roof Replacement Contractor

Maintaining or replacing a roof is an arduous task. The process requires an experienced hand to ensure every tile fits into the intended space.

As such, it’s paramount to exercise discretion when hiring a contractor to work on your house. The best roof replacement contractor doesn’t only have the requisite experience but also possesses the required tools of trade.

Below are tips to boost your odds of hiring and collaborating with a competent contractor;

Duration of service 

You wouldn’t want to trust your roofing project to an apprentice and probably end up with a poorly done roof.

Fishy contractors will probably be new in the market with no list of served customers or business. Don’t gamble. Choose a tested and trusted firm to work on your roofing project.

Necessary Licenses and Insurance

Credentials by the necessary authorities mean the company has made strides to operate professionally. This means the staff is bound by a code of conduct.

On-point customer care

Regardless of how good the contractor is, there is room for mishaps where you need to consult. The contractor should have a receptive customer care desk to answer your queries.

Pricing estimates 

The last part of hiring a roofing contractor is ensuring that their pricing is within your budget limits. Remember, low prices do not necessarily mean you are saving on the roofing costs. Established contractors will often charge moderate to high prices. That’s why you should strive to get the best contractor based on your budget.

Parting word

Clay tile roofing can turn an average looking building into a spectacular home. With the many options in the market, you have the opportunity to make your home look unique. But make sure you partner with the right roofing contractor to get the job done.