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Clover Ceramics Collection by Nendo


Japanese studio Nendo has teamed up with Gen-emon, one of the most renowned Arita-yaki porcelain kilns, to create a new ceramics collection for by | n meister. It’s said that of the kiln’s many signature designs, new artisans first learn the kiln’s plum patterns. Nendo reduced the number of petals on the most classic of the plum patterns from five to three, turning the kiln’s renowned plums into clover leaves. They upturned the pieces during firing in the kiln so that they could decorate their bases as well, and hid a single lucky four-leaf clover on the base of each one.

Similarly, they painted a hidden lucky clover on the centre of the saucers, a surface ordinarily hidden by a cup. A small moment of delight when the user discovers the clover. The clover collection includes large and small Japanese tea cups, a tea mug, demitasse, tea cup and saucer and wine glass, all with rectilinear forms that emphasise the delicacy of the pattern. For the colour, Nendo stayed true to Gen-emon’s heritage and used the company’s classic indigo and vermilion. 

The Clover Ceramics Collection is available for purchase at by | n website.

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all images © AKIHIRO YOSHIDA