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Coffee Table Book: Definition and Its Characteristics

Coffee Table Book: Definition and Its Characteristics

Placing books at home is an art. Or it can be. The good thing about this is that it also leaves you infinite possibilities to create as books can also be a very interesting decorative element. Today, coffee table book printing is becoming more and more popular as a decorative element.

Speaking about coffee table printing, did you ever know what a coffee table book is? This article speaks a lot about the coffee table book and its characteristics.

Have you ever seen a large, brightly colored book placed on a coffee table in a luxury home? It’s a coffee table book. According to the Cambridge English dictionary, a coffee table book is a large, expensive book with lots of pictures, meant to be viewed not read.

A coffee table book is a casual reading book whose function is to relax readers who are waiting or enjoying their meal at the cafe. They are often referred to as casual reading books that are placed on a coffee table. Coffee table books contain photos that are relaxing in nature, eliminating the day-to-day fatigue for a moment.

In the West, this luxury book is popular and can be published as custom-made for personal collections. For example, family photos, wedding photos, holidays, or other images that are immortalized in the form of a coffee table book instead of an album.

This coffee table book has a large size, the outside of the book is thick, hard with striking colors and luxurious materials such as leather. The contents inside contain photos or images, without any long text. The paper used is premium quality paper such as premium luster.

You can make your own coffee table book and print it personally in a ‘custom-made’ way. You can use your own photos and form a series of stories. Here are tips for making your own coffee table book:

– What you need to pay attention to in making a coffee table book is the concept of the coffee table book itself. So that your coffee table book remains interesting to look at.

– Fill the coffee table book with photos that match the concept.

– Pay attention to the layout design of your coffee table book so that it doesn’t look monotonous and doesn’t look like an old photo album.

– For the outer cover of the book, choose an image that represents the contents of the book, using a title with a homemade font. At the back of the book, there is usually the author’s words of wisdom/book conclusion.

You can make this coffee table book as an ‘accessory’ on your home coffee table or in your cafe.

 Coffee Table Book: Definition and Its Characteristics

A coffee table book, also known as a cocktail table book, is a kind of very large book. The function of this book is quite different from other books. Its function is more focused on the display on the living room table. The book also serves as a tool to inspire conversation with guests. The contents of the coffee table book are usually subject matter with the support of interesting illustrations. Some books may consist of only photographs and illustrations with little text explaining them. In other words, it seems that this book only provides general interesting information (not too deep/specific). If a coffee table book contains mathematical content, it usually contains some famous formulas with illustrations of the inventors. Of course with a little information. One well-known example of a coffee table book is the Scottish Book which was created by a mathematician at the University of Lviv some 80 years ago. Coffee table book sizes vary but generally range between 11″ x 11″ and 8.5″ x 8.5″. A coffee table book should be planned according to the color of the sofa and the furniture that surrounds it. For size, the coffee table book can be adjusted to the shape of the partner’s sofa

Many choices of coffee table designs are available in various furnishings today, usually sold directly as a pair with a sofa. If you want a coffee table design according to your own taste, you can order it at a furniture store or designer of your choice.

Remember that the most important thing is not how luxurious and expensive the furniture is, but how far it functions and can provide comfort for you and your family at home.

Making a coffee table book should follow the following steps: 

1. Concept generation. 

2. Content in the form of photos and text. 

3. Determination of the column system for text. 

4. Determination of the layout of the cover and content. 

5. The cover is usually designed from an image that represents the content of the book, using a title with a homemade font. On the back side of the book there are usually the words of the author/book conclusion. 


The content section is attempted to contain photos without having to reproduce the text, the photos already speak a lot about what you want to say. Thank you for reading.