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Concrete House by Matt Gibson Architecture

Derek Swalwell

Australian practice Matt Gibson Archtecture drew inspiration from mid-century Modernist architecture in Brazil for the design of this Concrete House in a suburb of Melbourne. Designed to forge a direct relationship between inside and outside the house comprises a pair of horizontally lying two-storey blocks made from concrete, wood and stone, which have been placed side by side.

The client, a builder and specialist in masonry was keen to utilise a concrete and stone palette externally. These materials along with a generous utilisation of naturally finished timber became the determining elements of both the houses’ architecture and interior. These provide a series of haptic textures that effect a powerful contrast against the smooth and more polished nature of glass and steel.

The main living spaces are left formally simple -lofty and airy. Vertical and horizontal material connections are woven through the interiors and are composed (as is the exterior) with a purity of volume and form. White plaster is interspersed amongst timber, stone, steel and concrete allowing a natural backdrop for the clients’ lifestyle, furniture and artwork.

 concrete-house-by-matt-gibson-architecture-2 concrete-house-by-matt-gibson-architecture-3 concrete-house-by-matt-gibson-architecture-4 concrete-house-by-matt-gibson-architecture-5 concrete-house-by-matt-gibson-architecture-6 concrete-house-by-matt-gibson-architecture-7 concrete-house-by-matt-gibson-architecture-8 concrete-house-by-matt-gibson-architecture-9 concrete-house-by-matt-gibson-architecture-10 concrete-house-by-matt-gibson-architecture-15 concrete-house-by-matt-gibson-architecture-11 concrete-house-by-matt-gibson-architecture-12 concrete-house-by-matt-gibson-architecture-13 concrete-house-by-matt-gibson-architecture-14

all images © Derek Swalwell