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Contemporary Style: What are its Most Essential Elements?

An apartment in the contemporary style is always full of functional items. Here you can see the latest technological advances, which are arranged conveniently and concisely. Minimalism is the main criterion that is followed when designing a living space. Despite the fact that the interior of the house in the modern style is filled with home comfort, a minimum amount of furniture is assumed here, a variety of colors and decor elements are generally avoided.

The most essential elements of the contemporary style include:

  1. Correct geometric shapes and straight lines. Looking through photos of interiors inside houses in the modern design, you can pay attention to the presence of straight lines and well-defined corners. At the same time, round and oval shapes are popular, which are considered geometrically correct.  
  2. Bright lighting. It is recommended that the apartment or house be equipped with large panoramic windows that saturate the living area with natural light. Window openings are rarely closed with massive curtains – blinds are used if necessary.  
  3. Neutral color scheme. Preference is given to monochrome design, where bright colors are used only as bright accents, but no more than three.  
  4. Maximum open areas. Zoning is not recommended using solid walls or massive partitions. Even doors, if there is no unnecessary need for them, should be avoided. In the decoration, you should adhere to simplicity and not use excessive clumsy elements. The walls are recommended to be done in one color scheme, and the use of plain wallpaper is quite acceptable. To make the room more diverse, it is advisable to use accent color to bring focus detail to the neutral colored room

 Contemporary Style: What are its Most Essential Elements?

Selection of colors, furniture and decor elements

Decorating the interior of rooms in the modern style, designers recommend purchasing clear and understandable pieces of furniture that are distinguished by strict lines and regular geometric shapes. In upholstery, it is recommended to give preference to monotonous options without patterns. It is best if the legs of the furniture are left open and furniture that is installed directly on the floor is used.

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When organizing the space, it is not necessary that all the furniture be square in shape; the interior can be diluted with elements with rounded corners. The main requirement is that the furniture should be as functional as possible, so it is better to choose transformers. 

Accessories that are used in the design of a modern interior should be laconic. You should not get carried away with the arrangement of a large number of elements that will serve as additional dust collectors; half-empty shelves are considered the best option. Live bouquets are often replaced with compositions of dry twigs, bouquets of dried flowers look good, as they retain their color saturation for a long time. Large paintings with images in the style of modern art are an original element of the decor. This includes graphic posters, large interior letters and large inscriptions. 

The interior design of the house in the contemporary style is not very different in the variety of colors, since the rooms are dominated by geometrically regular shapes. To make such objects stand out from the rest of the space, it is recommended to use a calm color scheme with a minimum number of shades. The most popular colors are white, grey, beige, black, brown, and blue.

If you want to add originality to the interior, it is better to use multi-component shades as the main color. It is not necessary to choose only light colors, although when it comes to decorating a small apartment or house, it is still better to give preference to light colors. In spacious rooms, it is permissible to use a dark finish, up to black. 

 Contemporary Style: What are its Most Essential Elements?

Contemporary in every room

Not always the general principles of arranging an apartment in the modern style can be adjusted to the design of a particular room. For this reason, when developing projects for various rooms in an apartment or house, you should take into account such individual features of the room as the shape, amount of lighting, ceiling height, and the presence of other architectural elements. 

In the interior of the hallway in a modern style, the practicality of using the area should be combined with the style features. When organizing the space, it is recommended to use wear-resistant, durable high-quality materials, compact but roomy furniture. A small corridor or hallway is best done in light colors in combination with a dark floor covering, on which traces of dirt are not so noticeable. If the hallway is small, you can install a built-in wardrobe that replaces one of the walls of adjacent rooms, which will allow you to compactly fold things. In the case of a small space, you can limit yourself to a wall hanger designed in the style of minimalism. 

Decorating a room in accordance with the principles of the modern style, you can use decorative plaster, facing bricks, wood panels and proper lighting. Most often, a separate room for the hall and living room is found only in large country houses, three-room or two-level apartments. In a small studio apartment, it is impossible to allocate a separate room for receiving guests. Therefore, the rules for creating an interior for apartments of different sizes are different. The living room, combined with the kitchen or bedroom, is designed with an eye on the small area of the room. Of furniture, only functional options are used. If the living room is small, you should not decorate the walls with a lot of elements, textiles and excess furniture. Designers do not advise cluttering a bedroom in the modern style of any area with massive furniture, leaving the room as free and open as possible. The best option for arranging a bedroom is to purchase a compact wardrobe and bed. 

Simple yet functional

Currently, contemporary design allows the use of various combinations of textures and colors, which may look like they do not harmonize with each other. The main features of a modern interior – self-expression, immediacy and functionality – are reflected in every detail. The contemporary style is characterized by straight lines, sharp corners and monochromatic objects – often with light, pastel surfaces. Stylish interior design is created using a combination of glass and metal.