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Creating a Safari Bedroom: Easy Tips for Reaching African Interior

Creating a Safari Bedroom: Easy Tips for Reaching African Interior

Why go to Africa to explore their distinctive interior when you can bring such interior to your room? It’s not a typical, modern kind of décor you would expect, it’s completely unique and exquisite in its nature to make your bedroom stand out. Adding the captivating colors of African nature and usual urban wildlife along with the graphic concepts of white and black patterned, handmade mudcloth pillows in your bedroom is going to prove your inner interior designer skills.

However, the real question is how can you bring the creativity in your head to real life? Don’t fret. We have listed down hassle-free tips to bring African interior to your bedroom with a blend of safari look:

Use Earthy and Warm Colors

Lush grass, significant land, dazzling sun, extraordinary animals, all are an actual representation of Africa. Therefore, using warm and earthy tones like rust, mustard, beige, brown and hunter will create the real feel of an African safari. They will add a spark of coziness and warmth to your room. Don’t forget to elegantly contrast the dark and light shades in your bedroom otherwise it may look gloomy and suffocating.  

Animal Sculptures and Artwork

A safari bedroom without any animal figurines and artwork? Does it even sound like a safari bedroom? To complete the look, you should go for well-polished animal figurines like a camel or giraffe and place them on your shelf. Whereas, you can fix a beautiful black and white elephant’s photographic portrait against the wall to keep you reminded of the alluring Savannah.

Remember: Don’t go overboard with animal sculptures and artwork as you do not want to turn your safari bedroom into a zoo. Keep a fine balance between empty wall spaces and décor items.

 Creating a Safari Bedroom: Easy Tips for Reaching African Interior

Go for Organic Materials

If you want an authentic African look, choose natural items like clay, rattan, wood, and handmade baskets. Wood carving is well-known to Africans and their tribal areas, hence, using premium quality, sleek wood décor such as a coffee table, bedside table, wooden container, Afro women figurines, etc. will give a unique and original appeal to your safari bedroom theme. You can also choose from a wide variety of vibrant colored handmade baskets that accentuate your interior or you can use them for storage purposes as well.    

Also, you can place rich and vibrant African-themed drums in the lonely corner of your room for decorative purposes or if you want to explore your creative side, you can use it as a corner table as well to integrate style and functionality.

Paint an Accent Wall

You can use a bold, warm color of your choice on one plain wall and contrast it with a neutral tone on the rest of the walls. It will create a center of attention for the visitors of your room and to put it into its purpose, you can hang a wooden-frame mirror, Savannah painting, African masks, tribal rugs, or a beautiful basket. Just make sure to go with one or two matching pieces to give a sophisticated look.