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Creating Resin Art

Creating Resin Art

Thirdman from Pexels

What is resin?

Resin is a unique compound and has been around for centuries. It is a liquid compound that hardens when a hardener is added to it, or when it is exposed to UV light. Resins are used in construction and building as adhesives and coatings when a strong bond is required. Other common uses include floor and wood lamination, automobile parts repairing, medical devices, etc. Resins come with a wide range of applications, and are preferred for how easy they are to work with.

There are a number of different types of resin, including epoxy resins, which are two component systems including a resin and a hardener. The chemical reaction for making epoxy resins was discovered in the 1930s. Once its use started taking off for industrial use in the 40s or 50s, it also started becoming popular for its use in art. The trend to use resin in art emerged from the United States of America, Canada and Australia.

Artwork that uses resin turns out eye-catching, clear, luminous and shows depth that other forms of art fail to achieve. Resin art is best known for its glass like shine and is used for making jewellery, decoupage, paintings, and for varnishing.

 Creating Resin Art

What do you need for making resin art?

The materials used for making resin art can vary according to the type of art one is planning to make. Resin can be used for paintings on canvases, wood, solid structures, resin casting etc. If you need to know more, you should go here on fluid-painting.com. Here are a few basic supplies that you need for creating resin art:

  • Resin

It pretty much goes without saying that you need resin for making resin art. A number of stationery and art supply companies manufacture a variety of good quality, clear epoxy resins to be used in art.

  • Base

Depending on the type of art you wish to make, you can choose from a number of options when it comes to your base, from canvases to wood to just using resin as the base with the help of a silicon mould – that’s just how versatile resin art can be.

  • Latex gloves

As mentioned earlier, resin is basically an industrial supply, and it needs to be handled with care. It doesn’t necessarily cause any harm to the skin, but using resin can get messy and protecting your hands during the process is preferrable.

  • Cups

You will need silicon measuring cups for measuring your resin and small disposable plastic cups for mixing and pouring.

  • Popsicle sticks

These are for mixing resin or paint and resin in the cups. Longer sticks are preferrable in order to make the process easier.

 Creating Resin Art

Things you need to keep in mind while creating resin art:

  • Determine the type of art you want to make and gather the required supplies.
  • Work in a nicely ventilated area.
  • Go through the manufacturer’s instructions before getting started.
  • Cover up the artwork when leaving it to cure. This is important in order to prevent foreign materials like dust or hair from sticking to your piece.
  • Watercolours and oil paints meddle with the consistency of resin and turn it milky. The best way to use them in your art would be layering them before the resin, instead of mixing them all together.
  • Apply the resin little by little instead of pouring it all at once. This helps it cure faster and better without bubbles.

Creating resin art requires a lot of patience and care, but once you get the hang of it and take the necessary precautions, the art you create is definitely going to be worth it.