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Crystal Series, raw side edition by Saerom Yoon

Saerom Yoon

Following his previous Crystal Series tables, Seoul-based designer Saerom Yoon added dyes directly to transparent acrylic resin to realize once again his mesmerizing pieces of furniture.

“I wanted to make a shape formed purely by color, like painting a watercolor in the air,” says the designer. “I chose transparent acrylic for the work which enables feeling the maximized color without the material property.”

During the work process, Saerom Yoon has found that some textures randomly appear when casting an acrylic resin. After every application, those patterns reveal themselves differently and somehow out of control. Thus, the designer has chosen some of them, and have put them together after some processing. Those unexpected textures give a more natural feeling to the series, unlike the ones sculpted by man or computer.

 crystal-series-raw-side-edition-saerom-yoon-2 crystal-series-raw-side-edition-saerom-yoon-3 crystal-series-raw-side-edition-saerom-yoon-4 crystal-series-raw-side-edition-saerom-yoon-5 crystal-series-raw-side-edition-saerom-yoon-6 crystal-series-raw-side-edition-saerom-yoon-7 crystal-series-raw-side-edition-saerom-yoon-8

all images courtesy of Saerom Yoon