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Crystal Series tables by Saerom Yoon

Saerom Yoon

By using dyed acrylic resin Korean designer Saerom Yoon has conceived a series of tables that seem made of crystal. The pieces are characterized by a soft gradient that was created by gluing dyed surfaces together after being melted, creating the natural blend of colors. This process brings forth naturally blended colors, and the dyed layers look like overlapped. As a result, through this process a dyed acrylic resin causes an optical illusion and produces distorted shaping through refraction and reflection while maintaining transparent state like crystal. Blended colors also give natural effect of gradation through different angles of refraction and reflection.

 crystal-series-tables-by-saerom-yoon-2 crystal-series-tables-by-saerom-yoon-3 crystal-series-tables-by-saerom-yoon-4 crystal-series-tables-by-saerom-yoon-5 crystal-series-tables-by-saerom-yoon-6

all images courtesy of Saerom Yoon