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Custom Made Human Head Helmets

Jyo John Mullor

Dubai-based digital designer Jyo John Mullor has realized a series of helmet that look like shaved human heads. “I hail from the southern Indian state of Kerala and currently reside in Dubai. All my life I have always been a passionate motorcyclist. I love everything about motorbiking but the helmets. The most uncomfortable gear you could ever wear” says Jyo. “But a helmet has its pros, so you could never ignore it. Imagine a protective gear that’s so comfortable that you feel you never wore one.” 

This project is an outcome of artist’s extreme dislike to wearing a thick, clunky piece of metal that’s simply not as comfortable as wearing a bandanna, cap or nothing at all.  Although the reason behind the design was totally personal, it later turned into a design project that received appreciations from around the globe. Some manufactures have already shown interest in launching a line of helmets under this design umbrella. We hope to see these designs moving across the streets soon!

 custom-made-human-head-helmets-by-jyo-john-mullor-2 custom-made-human-head-helmets-by-jyo-john-mullor-3 custom-made-human-head-helmets-by-jyo-john-mullor-4

all images courtesy of Jyo John Mullor / H/t designboom