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Emmanuelle Moureaux’s Installation for FURLA

Daisuke Shima / nacasa & partners

To present its fall/winter 2015-2016 collection at the Zojoji Temple in Tokyo, Italian fashion brand Furla has commissioned Tokyo-based French architect and designer Emmanuelle Moureaux to design an installation to give colors to the new venue.

With a theme “Explosion of Joy”, the installation named “dance” is a colorful mobiles dancing endlessly in the air, expressing the world or Furla that is continuously evolving towards the future while preserving its tradition and working on innovation. The installation is composed of circles in 100 colors and letters of “Furla”, forming a gradation of colors as they dance in the air. The latest collections of bag and shoes are displayed on the suspended polished round tables to reflect the feeling of floating in the space. The lounge gives another perspective of the installation, being closer to colors and gaze absently into the colors in motion.

Dancing circles were inspired from a term from Zen Buddhism, Ichigo-Ichie – which means, “treasure every encounter, for it will never recur”. The installation showed many expressions, added colors to the special moments of the day.

 dance-installation-by-emmanuelle-moureaux-for-furla-2 dance-installation-by-emmanuelle-moureaux-for-furla-3 dance-installation-by-emmanuelle-moureaux-for-furla-4 dance-installation-by-emmanuelle-moureaux-for-furla-5 dance-installation-by-emmanuelle-moureaux-for-furla-6 dance-installation-by-emmanuelle-moureaux-for-furla-7 dance-installation-by-emmanuelle-moureaux-for-furla-8 dance-installation-by-emmanuelle-moureaux-for-furla-9 dance-installation-by-emmanuelle-moureaux-for-furla-10 dance-installation-by-emmanuelle-moureaux-for-furla-11

all images courtesy of Daisuke Shima / nacasa & partners