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Death Machines of London Up Yours Copper

David Clerihew

London-based Death Machines of London has unveiled their stunning second custom-creation based on a 2007 Triumph Thruxton 900, the Up Yours Copper. Its frame, finished in a deep coat of Beluga Black, was de-lugged, weld cleaned and extensively modified with an entirely new rear. The aesthetic makeover also extends into a full custom exhaust system that is perhaps the most inspiring aspect of the entire bike. Custom designed and copper coated injection caps together with powder coated engine covers and a copper plated cam cover complete the reconditioned 900.


The brushed aluminum light cowl houses a 7” military-specification LED headlamp, as well as the custom-made speedometer which is created using the aforementioned photolithographed brass.

The fuel tank is fitted with an aero style filler which is itself covered with a brass plate engraved with the Hunter S. Thompson quote: “Faster, faster, until the thrill of speed overcomes the fear of death.” – just for a bit of reassurance at the petrol station that you are in fact: ‘awesome’. The hand-stitched and tanned leather tank strap is made from the finest saddle hide and is completed with an in-house brushed aluminium strap clamp.


Finally, the paintwork was kept as simple as possible to highlight the beauty of the materials used in the build. The engine is finished in satin and matt black, with Death Machines of London’s logo polished out of the fins. The tank carries a satin black finish with gloss hairline delineating it from the hand-brushed aluminium. Head over to DMOL‘s website for further information about the project.

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all images by David Clerihew courtesy of Death Machines of London