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Decorating Your College Dorm Room With Simple DIY Ideas

Once you enter college, your life will change completely. Now you are more independent, live apart from your parents and are responsible for your studies, meals, activities, and the room you live in. Standard college dorm rooms are not very cozy and don`t make you motivated for studying: imagine yourself writing a paper or looking through top writing services in the place with empty walls and not a sign of home comfort. As students are usually short of money to buy more things to decorate their dorm room, some simple but sweet DIY ideas will work well here.

Top DIY ideas for your college dorm room

DIY ideas require creativity and some time to be invested, so make sure you have a backup plan covering your studies and other duties (for example, writing services to cope with time-consuming papers that you can find in essay pro and expertwriting.org reviews). Now when you are ready, let`s check what you can do without investing a fortune in your dorm room décor:

1. Magnetic board. Writing reminders in your notepad is not only old-fashioned but also not convenient as you can easily forget about important things. A lovely decorated magnetic board that you`ve made yourself can become a great accessory and adornment of your room. You can use funny magnets to hang notes with notifications and pictures of your family and friends;

2. Desk chair. A standard chair that comes with your dorm room equipment probably looks miserable, but you don`t have to buy a new one. Instead, you can choose your original design and buy some new fabric that can transform your chair into the bright piece of furniture;

 Decorating Your College Dorm Room With Simple DIY Ideas

3. Wall art. If you have good artistic skills (or your roomies do), you can decorate an empty wall with a fun wall art based on the pattern you choose. It will serve not only as decoration but the expression of your ideas and creativity. As an alternative, you can use home-made wall hangings, decorate the old door with a fresh geometric design (or 3D wall art if you feel like you can nail this) and even transform your bed headboard and mini fridge with a pop of color;

4. Doormat. This one is good not only for décor but also for keeping your room clean. Make a custom doormat using old pieces with personalized welcoming (or not welcoming) words;

5. Desk organizer. Space is the eternal problem of all students who live in dorm rooms, so bringing your things in order is necessary to a) use them conveniently b) not lose them c) not mix them up with the things of your roomie. A cool home-made desk organizer will help you in this;

 Decorating Your College Dorm Room With Simple DIY Ideas

6. Lampshade. Have you known about the great qualities of the washi tape? Mix and match colors to create a unique pattern for your lampshade;

7. Light bulb garland. Who said that such decorations are meant for Christmas only? The garland will make your room cozier, especially in the evenings, and let you enjoy colorful bulbs light when watching a movie with your friends.

In addition, you can use your smartphone as a photo projector to watch films with your mates instead of hovering over a small device. As you see, there are plenty of options to come up with – and no limits for your creativity. So take some time and transform your dorm room in a small island of home comfort.